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Breaking Down Is Hard to Do

The girls head to the Los Angeles Repertory Company. Uh oh. I have watched this show too many seasons not to know that some crazy shit is coming our way. This comes in the form of Tasha Smith (formerly Tasha Smith hyphen Arquese), acting coach and very good friend of Miss Tyra Banks. She asks the girls if they are ready to rock n' roll. Awww, I miss Megg. We get a flashback montage of Tyra being "crazy." Personality, brains, AND beauty. How does she do it? The answer: she gets it all from Tasha Smith. Oh, and that's where she gets the acting talent as well. I guess this goes to show that, just like Tyra is always saying to really be careful about not being swindled by those fake modeling scouts and whatnot, you should always do some investigating into the credentials of your acting coach, too.

Tasha tells the girls that, as models, they are always going to have photographers yelling out emotions at them. "Lift your leg a little higher" and "Push out your boobs" are considered emotions now? Okay, then. Tasha calls Caridee up, and then tells the girls that the first exercise they're going to do is called "Silly Dilly," and is about breaking down physical barriers and boundaries. It makes me want a Dilly Bar. Caridee yells at the other bitches that she has "spontanuity." Eugena flails around like a fish, and Tasha quite astutely notes that Eugena is a girl who's not afraid to be ugly. Amanda tells the others to look at her butt. Melrose goes next and kind of sucks and is not funny. Tasha tells her to be uglier. She should try pulling her hair back away from her face. Michelle is next and notes that Amanda is generally better at acting, so will probably do better on this challenge. Tasha yells that Michelle isn't taking this seriously enough. Tasha obviously read the memo. Jaeda hops around on her hands and makes noises. Acting is stupid.

Next is an exercise called "Dump," and, contrary to what you might think, it's about letting out everything that you're feeling. Whatever it is that you're feeling, you're supposed to feel it. And say it. And, one hopes, cry and make a scene as the other girls look on. Eugena goes first. She says that she feels completely out of place; that no matter what she does there, it doesn't add up; and that it seems like it's so much easier for everybody else. Tasha yells for Eugena to feel more, and Eugena starts to cry. Good move, Eugena. Then there's Amanda, who yells that she likes all of the other girls, but that sometimes they piss her off. She's tired of the submarine limo and everything, but she wants to be there and take good photos and try harder. Oh, get some deep dark personal secret, would you? Michelle yells that Tyra says that she doesn't want it enough, and adds that she doesn't know what she wants and that's the point. It is? I thought the point was to get a Cover Girl contract. Michelle interviews that expressing her feelings in front of people isn't her strong point, but that she decided to go for it, since that's what the panel is always telling her to do. She finally yells that she's tired of not knowing, and that she has no idea what she wants, and is done with it.

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