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Breaking Down Is Hard to Do

Back at the theatre, Michelle comforts Caridee in the bathroom. Caridee interviews that she didn't think she was going to say these things, but that she was just at a breaking point. Tasha comes in and hugs them and brings Caridee back out to the auditorium, where the other girls give her a round of applause. No standing ovation? Tasha says that the exercise was about the girls expressing themselves, and that they're going to need it for their challenge. The challenge involves each girl filming her own silent movie. I think Melrose should try to live her whole life like she is in a silent movie. The person who does the best is going to land a role on The CW's hit show One Tree Hill. Tasha will yell out directions, and the girls will have to act them out. These directions include running to the window, looking sad, eating lemons, and drinking prune juice. Acting! Tasha says that Michelle sucks even in the silent movie. Tasha sucks even when she's not acting at all. Jaeda says that the challenge was hard, and that she was the only one who had to eat and swallow the whole lemon. Rind and everything? Gross. But Jaeda says that she had to do her best. The girls pretend to talk on the phone. Michelle interviews that she and prune juice don't mix so well, and we see her kind of spit some out all over her chin. This makes her look like Linda Blair in The Exorcist. She says that she's 135% - 200% that she's not going to win. I think that Michelle throws up into her cup. Again, gross.

Back at home, Caridee talks to her boyfriend. She says that she let out her biggest secret and didn't mean to. She tells him that she finally feels like she's doing something right and that her life has a purpose. To be Tyra's bitch is a noble endeavor, it is true. Caridee's boyfriend sounds nice and supportive, though. Caridee interviews that she feels liberated and free, and that nothing is going to stop her. I would tell you guys my biggest secret, but I think you'd be obligated by law to notify the police.

Tyra Mail! Caridee gets to read it, having survived a trauma bigger than getting her hair cut. That psoriasis sure can be a bitch. "My good friend Tasha chose the winner. So pop in this disc and see who made a scene. Believe me, the winner won't be the only one surprised." The girls play a DVD called Desperate Daisy, which stars Caridee. This means she is the winner. We get to see the whole silent movie, which is about a desperate model with no work and no food save for a lemon and prune juice. I thought that lemons and prune juice were what real models ate. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. It is a telegram from Cowboy Cal, who tells Caridee that he is in love with his horse. That's the plot of Brokeback Mountain II: Equine Boogaloo, from what I read in EW. And then Tyra makes a cameo in the film, and actually looks pretty good. She tells the girls to pack their bags...and then comes running into the room to tell them that they're all going to Spain. Spain! The spoilers were right. Tyra dances around in her flamenco outfit, and then there is another dancer too, with a cape, who dips Tyra, and what the heck is going on here? It is madness. Everyone is excited about the Spain trip, and Caridee is excited because she also gets to fulfill her dream of becoming an actress.

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