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Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

And back in they come. Ten ladies present, nine photos in Tyra's hand. And here we go: Shandi, April, Yoanna, Mercedes, Sara, Camille, Jenascia, and Catie are all granted immediate reprieve. Tyra gives Catie a quick speech about how her fears cannot wreck her future. I guess she hasn't seen that picture of herself yet.

Tyra calls Xiomara and Heather forward. Heather, she says, looks "a little too teen," but they don't know if it's because she is...well, a teenager, or if she really sucks. But what better way to figure it out than to keep her around for one more week, right? RIGHT? Xiomara, meanwhile, blew it when she let Catie take her focus away. "We think this was your weakest week since you've been here." So I guess that means she doesn't have the hunger necessary to..."Xiomara." Oh. What? Yay! She bursts into tears, and so does Tyra, as Heather accepts a hug from all of her five-minute-at-a-time-friends and retreats to the loft: "One man's trash is another man's treasure. Obviously, I'm trash here. I'll be a treasure somewhere else." Heather fades from the photo in the final frame, and the balance of the picture now looks awesomely like all of the girls have made a solemn pact to get as far away as possible from Camille.

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