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Brittany cries and cries, and Tyra gives her a hug. She says that who Brittany is and what she believes in is a great thing that works for her modeling. However, she can't forget it, because the minute it goes away in a photo she loses her power and magic. Does she really? Brittany can't believe that she's been eliminated, because this is her dream, and dreams always come true when you wish upon a star! She then quotes Walt Disney. You know, I think that all of Victoria's outward nuttiness just masks the fact that Brittany is truly the crazy one.

But wait! Tyra tells Brittany that it's not over yet, since she's still in the running to come back. And this is the moment of truth! RIGHT NOW, says Tyra, RIGHT NOW, they are going to find out which eliminated girl had the highest average social media score and gets to come back. Brittany will be included in that mix. And then Darian, Yvonne, Jessie, Leila, Destiny, and Allyssa walk out on stage. Brittany is instructed to join them in her second line-up of the week. And then of course it's a cliffhanger, and we won't find out who rejoins the competition until next week. Curse you, Tyra! Per usual!

Next week: Someone comes back for real, just in time to go to Jamaica with the rest of the models! And in a surprise twist, Victoria continues to be crazy.

Potes is the model who's coming back next week! Thanks for all the fan votes, you guys! Tweet your congratulations @traciepotes, or email

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