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Last but not least is Laura. She of course was the challenge winner and her photo is hot, cool, and bad-ass. Kelly adds that Laura is beautiful in person, but pops even more on film. That's a really great quality to have as a model. Tyra and Rob both agree that, as a model, when people come up to you and say you look better in person it's an insult. People on social media love Laura, and Bryanboy is getting bored with it. While people don't see what he sees in Kiara, Bryanboy doesn't see what people see in Laura. Queen of Mean Kelly even thinks this is a little harsh, and Rob jumps to Laura's defense by saying that every week she's done something different. Tyra points out that Bryanboy comes from high-high fashion, whereas Laura, with her foundation and unflattering eyeliner, looks very commercial. Laura promises that she'll scrub her face next time. Laura gets 9s across the board and is quite happy. She's still got the blotchy chest thing going, and what appears to be a very orange spray tan.

Six beautiful young ladies stand before Tyra, but she has only five photos in her hands. And those photos represent the girls who are still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. The social media scores have been added in, and it's Laura who gets best photo of the week. She had a fan vote of 6.465 (they're really going to the thousandth of a point?) and a total score of 41.0. She washed her face during the commercial, and Tyra tells her that she really doesn't need to wear makeup other than in her photo shoots. Kristin is the runner up, with a fan vote of 6.277 and a total score of 35.8. Kiara is called next, with a fan vote of 4.310 and a total score of 34.8. Then there's Nastasia, who had a fan vote of 4.835 and a total score of 33.3.

This leaves Victoria and Brittany in the bottom two. Two girls, one photo. Uncoincidentally, these are the two girls who did not book jobs on the castings. Victoria is a model who knows how to bring character to a photo, but there's inconsistency. Some of her photos are more caricature than character, which is not a good thing. Brittany struggled with who she was for a time, but then got "amazing permission" to be the sweet girl. From whom? However, she's let go. Of what? I mean, it's not like Tyra ever makes much sense, but there are weeks when I think she's being dubbed from the original Japanese. So who stays? It's Victoria, who has a fan vote of 4.326 and a total score of 32.6. Brittany, with her fan vote of 5.644 and a total score of 30.3, is eliminated.

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