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The Girl Who Was Filler

The girls return. There are eleven girls, and ten photos. Brittany gets called first, and Renee scowls. Tyra wishes Brittany good luck with her weave. Then we have Jael, Sarah, Dionne, Felicia, Renee, Whitney, and Jaslene. When Jaslene is called, Whitney is visibly upset, I guess because this means Cassandra and Diana are in the bottom two. Diana is so beautiful, says Tyra, and as one of the voluptuous, sexy girls, she should be standing out strongly. And, I would add, not dressing like a pregnant fifth-grade teacher. The judges feel like Diana is fading into the background. Cassandra has a beautiful personality, and Tyra hears that she's the one who gives all the other girls strength and peace and spirituality. But as great as that all is, Tyra's not seeing that in a pho-to. And I have to say that I hung out with one Mr. Djb this weekend in Arizona, and I was of course snapping some pics of us and the lovely scenery, and he totally pointed out that I now say "pho-to" just like Tyra. You guys, start doing it too, so I don't feel so dumb! Then we'll all start saying "towards." So who goes home? The pretty girl with no spark, or the girl with a heart of gold who can't translate it to a picture? Tyra gives Diana a pho-to, and Cassandra is sent home. Whitney is bawling. Cassandra hugs Tyra, who tells her to keep practicing her pictures and her posing. Everyone seems genuinely sad to see Cassandra go, even if they had to know deep down that she didn't stand a chance. Cassandra says that she's going to miss all the girls, because they touched her heart. And maybe something else on a certain wine-soaked night. She says that she's disappointed, because she knows she has potential to be a top model, and it sucks to leave so early in the competition. She says that she needs to practice more, and wishes that she had given more confidence and fierceness to the camera. But she's still appreciative for the opportunity. She really does seem like a class act. Best of luck, Cassandra!

Next week: the girls attempt a tricky bank heist with an unbelievable prize, and Renee reaches her breaking point, which entails wanting to beat the other girls down. That sounds promising.

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