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When the girls arrive home, there is Tyra Mail. Natasha -- who now looks kind of like Natasha of Boris and Natasha -- reads it: "For those of you who didn't make the cut, you have one more chance to make it up to me. Love, Tyra." Renee tells us that she thought it was going to be a makeup challenge. Way to use the context clues of the words "make" and "up" being in the Tyra Mail.

Meanwhile, Brittany is having some issues with the old weave-a-rone. She says that it itches, and then confessionalizes that she doesn't want to complain, but that it just hurts. Diana interviews that Brittany wants sympathy from others, and that she's so sick of it already. And...yeah, this is pretty much the wrong crowd to go to if you want sympathy. Some of the girls talk about Brittany's constant crying, and Whitney interviews that she wants to smack her and give her something to cry about. Heh. I love Whitney. Whitney then confronts Brittany and tells her that people cry about major stuff, like when someone they know gets shot, but that crying about your ratty weave is unacceptable. Whitney interviews that she told Brittany how it was, slapped her up, gave her the deuces, and walked away. The other girls kind of laugh as it happens, and Brittany seems to take it without too much comment. She's about to eat a nice, juicy steak, though, so maybe the promise of extra iron and A1 Sauce has helped to relieve the weave pain.

The next morning, Jael checks her messages. A man's voice tells her to call him right away, because someone (the name is bleeped out) has passed away. When Jael talks to her caller, she learns that her very close friend has overdosed. She is quite upset. Brittany sits with her for a minute, and then they go outside, where other girls eventually come to find out what's happened. It's pretty sad. Jael interviews that she'd rather not be dealing with this crisis in her life, but says that modeling is a good distraction for her right now. If past seasons are any indication, the next photo shoot will probably involve Jael snorting coke off a tombstone or something.

The girls head to beautiful Descanso Gardens. It is a lovely sunny day. Brittany is complaining about having a stomach bug. She starts crying again. She interviews that she felt really ill and was "sort of having some digestive issues." That kind of vague language can only mean one thing: an ass-burning case of the shits. She says that she was throwing up, too. Yeesh. Renee asks her if she's just going to take rest for the day and sleep in the limo or something. Jael leans over and tells Brittany that if she participates because she wants to, she'll be fine. Renee says that Brittany might want to think about what she's doing. Renee is so evil, man. Jael is having none of it, and tells Brittany to pull it together. They're like little against-type angels and devils on Brittany's shoulders.

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