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The Girl Who Was Filler

Whitney is next as a chocolate kiss. Jay says that her body looks great, but that her face needs to be more graceful. He tells her that she has a great shape, and to work it. Whitney thinks she's hot as a little chocolate goddess. I love how she's so confident.

Next is Jael, as "birthday cake." She just seems kind of...sweaty, or something. Like, maybe it's the leftover bit of cake that's been in the trash for a while. The photographer seems to like what she's doing, and Jay says that she looks like she's having fun. Cassandra says that Jael is hurting inside, but is masking it and making it out like everything is a joke. She says that Jael is doing a great job. Afterward, Jaslene tells Jael that she rocks.

Felicia is next as a non-sweaty-looking lollipop. Jay loves her body, but the face isn't quite up to par. He wants a little more expression.

Then there is Jaslene as "dulce de leche." She says that she felt very sensual. She knows that she can give a good picture, but notes that Tyra said she wanted to see more of Jaslene's personality. In other words: where is that crazy fucker that we rejected in Cycle 7? Jaslene hopes that she's shining through and showing the judges that she belongs there. She finishes her shoot, and then someone eats a big helping of rocky road out of the cleft in her chin.

Natasha is next as "gumballs." Jay says that the whole thing looks very burlesque. He was thrilled to see Natasha improve this week, because he thinks that there's a model inside of her. And then a littler model inside of that model, and a littler model inside of that model, and so on until the little thimble-sized model at the very middle. Sarah says that Natasha looks like Kate Moss, and Renee snits, "No, she doesn't, do you know who Kate Moss is?" Oh, Rancid Renee, on the prowl again. Natasha says that the shoot was hard for her, but that she did well, and so she is proud. She's growing on me.

Back at home, there is Tyra Mail. Someone is going home! Cassandra interviews that she might be the one going home, because she was late for the makeup challenge. Jael doesn't want to leave. She says that it's going to be hard going into Panel, given the personal stuff she's dealing with. She asks Whitney what she should do when she gets to Panel. Whitney tells her that if she wants to tell the panel what's going on, she should do so, but if not, she doesn't have to say anything about it. Whitney says a little prayer while holding Jael's hand, asking the Lord to help Jael to release the pain from her heart. It actually seems really spiritual and comforting and nice. Whitney holds Jael and rocks her, while somehow managing not to bust into "How excellent!" as we head to commercials.

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