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Judging panel. It is time for the eleventh cut. Tyra has some crazy eye makeup on which makes her forehead look even larger, and her face more alienesque. There are prizes, and judges. Janice looks really good, and Nolé's soul patch seems more pronounced than ever. He also looks a little...stern. Shingo and Hitomi are the dynamic duo of guest judges. Hitomi is seriously like a Japanese version of Martina Navratilova. They will administer the girls' test, which is to -- once again -- put together an ensemble that demonstrates their own personal street style.

Yaya is first. She looks like a hooker. Tyra likes it, of course. I'm sorry, but hot pants don't look good on anyone. They make Yaya's legs look huge. Shingo says that Yaya looks good, but that he was disappointed that she showed up late at the go-see. Janice's mouth drops and she says, "You cannot be late in Japan. Or in New York. Or Paris." Yaya tries to explain that she got lost and Janice says, "Yawn, yawn, yawn, yawn." The judges look at Yaya's photo. Janice says that the hair and makeup is great, which I believe she also said last week. Nigel says that Yaya has a very muscular body and that her arms and legs look chunky. Janice gives the hair and makeup a ten, but the body and pose a two.

Amanda is next. Hitomi says that she should push down her knee socks and take off her belt, while Janice instructs her to take off two layers of tank tops. Tyra says that her legs look hip and sexy and cute. This is like a women's prison movie. Get out the hose! The judges love Amanda's photo, and Nigel says she looks like a perfect Barbie anime doll.

And then, Ann. Sad music plays. Ann is wearing an ugly skirt that she's worn to panel before, and that Janice hates. Nigel says that Ann looks like she's fast asleep or bored. Nolé pleads with her to show some emotion, and Nigel says that he knows the criticism is hard, but that she needs to appear more alert and on top of things. Janice loves Ann's pose in her photo, but says that the hair and makeup are wearing her. Nigel agrees that the shot is not good enough. Janice leans against Nigel and asks Ann how she felt while she was being photographed. Ann starts to say that it was exciting, and Janice says that she hears what Ann is saying, that but there's no emotion or energy behind it. Tyra asks Ann to name her favorite actress and singer, and Ann can't even pull one name out of the air, which is kind of pathetic. Tyra says that maybe Ann's problem is that she has no inspiration to draw on, which is kind of a weird argument, probably because she got the idea from Jay. Ann cries, "We can't go to the library, we can't watch movies, we can't do this..." The library? Is she serious? Nolé is glad that Ann is finally showing some passion, and Nigel says that he can't believe she doesn't have references that predate her appearance on the show. Nolé asks Ann if sports are her passion, and she says that modeling is her passion, and if it wasn't, she wouldn't have wasted everyone's time. Yes she would have, because she's just like that. She cries. Hitomi says that Ann's sad tears are beautiful. Guess she didn't get the memo about going home and crying to your mama.

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