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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Finally, Eva. Nolé says that her outfit is not happening. Tyra says that it would be better if Eva's knee-length denim shorts were shorter. Janice says, "Can we get some scissors? Let's just hack up those shorts." And Hitomi is seriously all over that. She pulls up Eva's shorts with glee. Janice yells, "That's the difference!" Eva, leave Ann! Your future as Hitomi and Janice's housegirl is so much brighter. The judges are underwhelmed by Eva's photo.

While the judges deliberate, we get some rare holding-room footage. Ann interviews that once they left the judging room, she figured there was no chance in hell that she would be staying. She paces nervously and then begins to rant to the other girls about the judges' questions about her favorites. At the question of favorite band she says, "Okay, like, what, Motley Crue?" HA! I would have totally given twenty thousand yen to hear Ann tell Janice Dickinson that her favorite band is Motley Crue. I wonder if she wears pumps to their concerts, or while she's checking out their new 8-track at the library's listening room. Ann continues, "Do they want me to just rattle off things?" To which Yaya says, "Yes." Ann says, "Half the time that's not even real. People say it and they don't really mean it." Yaya says, "So what." Why am I...because I'm vocal and honest about it and I don't try to lie" -- and here she points at Eva, who seems to just be sitting there quietly, "like YOU do." Yeah, tell it to Mickey Moto. Eva tries to call Ann out on it and interviews that she thinks she is a sincere person. Ann says to Eva, "Stop yelling, we're not having this conversation because you can't have a conversation without being defensive." If I had beer, I would totally pour it on Ann's weave. Three words: stink, stank, stunk. Yaya and Amanda comfort Ann while Eva sits alone on the other side of the room. In a tearful interview, Eva says that even though they're in competition, she prays for Ann and hopes that she does well. And that might have been a little staged. I still think Ann is a rat bastard, though.

The judges deliberate. Yaya's photo gets mixed reviews. Janice loves Amanda and thinks that Amanda reeks of a model. Nigel thinks that Amanda doesn't have it. Janice thinks he is wrong. Ann sucks. Tyra says that Ann doesn't realize that modeling is hard work that requires research. Hey, I do tons of research while waiting in line to pay for my groceries. Can I be a model now? Nolé says that Eva has done much better in other shoots. Hitomi says, "I photo." HA! Nolé gives a look of mild disgust. Nigel enjoys Eva's personality. Tyra says that Eva looks like a model when she is dressed perfectly, but that a model should look good in a paper sack. Or, as the case may be, in Hitomi's arms.

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