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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

The girls return. Tyra tells them that the judges don't think that any of them has what it takes to be America's Next Top Model, and that they'd better step up. Oooh, burn. The first name that Tyra calls is Amanda's. She asks Amanda to critique herself, and Amanda rightly parrots the judges' complaint that she has to work on her presence in person. The next called is Yaya, who says that it's important for a top model to be likable by everybody. Ann and Eva have a showdown in the final two. Tyra says that anything negative Eva talks about is blamed on others, and that she needs to look inside, as Tyra's momma told her. I wish that I could have seen Janice's reaction to that. Also, I agree with the forum posters who said that it's not fair to bring up stuff from their private chats as fodder for judging. Ann just sucks. Eva gets the photo. Goodbye, Ann the Man!

Ann gives the judge a kiss-off goodbye, and showily goes to hug Amanda and Yaya while Eva stands to the side. She blows the judges another kiss and breezes right past Eva. We hear Eva say, "Banana," but it's totally edited in because her lips really aren't moving as she watches Ann leave. Still, her face is really sad. Ann interviews that Eva had been her best friend during the competition, but that lately there's been tension between them. She says that Eva will probably be sad that Ann didn't hug her goodbye, but that if Eva lets that affect their friendship, then it wasn't meant to be a friendship in the first place. She writes Eva a note that begins, "Sorry I didn't say goodbye properly but I still think we have a lot to talk about..." and then her hand obscures the rest. Ann cries that she's sick of going in front of the panel, and that it's become increasingly hard. We see her portfolio, which, with a few exceptions, is pretty bad. Two words: unbalanced load. Eva, you're better off without her.

Coming up on America's Next Top Model: The finale! The girls do a shoot for Cover Girl, and the final two strut their stuff in a Tokyo fashion show. Is there any way that Toccara can still win this? Rats.

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