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Tyra Mail! Amanda reads, "Do fashion designers inspire street style, or does street style inspire fashion designers?" Yaya says, "Go street style!" and does a little dance. It might be endearing if the entire world didn't already find her to be outlandishly despicable. The girls are dropped off at a place called "J Pop Café/Shibuya," where they meet stylist Sawa Vaughers, who proves that Tokyo street style owes more than a small debt to "Men on Film"'s Blaine Edwards. Hated it! Amanda says that Sawa is wearing a Mr. Potato Head hat, which is also a good call. Dammit, but I am liking Amanda. Anyway, Sawa Vaughers and her tiny sideways hat look insane. She tells the girls that she's going to teach them about Tokyo street fashion, and brings out some real-life Japanese girls as examples. And when Norelle said that Japan was like space...I mean, come on. She was kind of right. They sell dirty underwear and eggs in vending machines. Ann wonders if the girls forgot to look in their mirrors in the morning.

Sawa points out what makes each outfit a success. One chubby Alice in Wonderland type has frayed knee socks, which makes the look more "Lolita." I will have to remember this tip for one of the many occasions that I desire to attract pedophiles. A huge green belt is an amazing accessory. Yaya interviews with a bit of shocked bemusement that the girls were serious, and this was their everyday get-up. Sawa says that the models should use the street girls as their inspiration, and put together a look using a rack of clothes that she has for them. Ann interviews that none of the clothes fit her 5'11" frame. She bitches that Amanda took three shirts, and says to her in a snotty tone, "Do you need them all?" Dude, she's blind. She couldn't tell that there were three there! Amanda interviews that she kept offering Ann the shirts off of her back, and Ann would snit that she didn't like them and give them back. Methinks Ann just wanted to see Amanda's boobs. Ann continues to be pissy, and the other girls try to help her.

Sawa calls the girls in and critiques them hilariously. She gives Amanda kudos. She tells Yaya, "The style is really good, but...hmm...maybe you need...GIANT JEWELRY!?!" She likes Eva's schoolgirl look but tells her she could use more color. She thinks Ann (gong!) could use more accessories and color, which would make her look much better. And also like less of a dyke. Ann looks pissy and holds her arms across her chest as if she's that one girl in sixth grade who developed really quickly and, like, hates gym class. She looks awkward and mad and like her dad just doesn't know that she needs a training bra.

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