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The girls are told that their challenge for the day is to put together a street style ensemble that will inspire the Japanese designer Milk. The theme of Milk's next collection is "Babydoll Lolita," and the girls can only shop at four designated stores: Metamorphose, Closet Child, Who's a Yellow Ruby, and Maria's Closet. They are given a Tokyo City Atlas and a T-Mobile sidekick to assist them, along with 20,000 yen. They have to be at the Milk pressroom, fully dressed, by 6:00. Latecomers will be disqualified, and the winner will get to meet a very important person in the fashion industry. Sawa might be crazy, but I totally prefer her to Grimley Weinberg or Michelle the hag stylist.

Eva interviews that the task was difficult, because she had no idea where she was and had to find one or more of the four designated stores. She passes a Benetton store. Street style! Mike Figgis apparently directed the next segment of this episode, in which each girl gets a quarter of the screen dedicated to her quest and a ticking counter shows us that they have three hours to go. Amanda interviews that she is legally blind (how could they wait until this late in the season to drop such a bombshell!) and couldn't see the street signs. No, sweetie, you can't read them because they're in Japanese. Poor thing, it's all blurs and stars to her unless there's glitter all over it. She says, "When you're looking for something, vision's important." That must have come to her one night as she was gazing into her crystals. She's practically Buddha reincarnate. She says that she was worried about navigating Tokyo, but figured that as long as she could find one of the four designated stores, she'd be okay. She stands next to a store in which giant illustrated condoms glare at her from the window. Gong!

Amanda finds Metamorphose. As she runs up the store she goes, "Who's the woman! Yeaaaah!" She says that Metamorphose was a cool store, and that everything was of the babydoll style. And, in fact, the clerk is dressed as Little Bo Peep. She says that Amanda had better hurry, but Amanda replies that she has time because she has, in fact, completed this task in exactly thirty-three minutes. She interviews that she didn't want to get lost going to another store and end up late to Milk (thus facing disqualification), so she contented herself with the outfit from Metamorphose. And I have to say that I think this was kind of a smart strategy.

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