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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Four more seconds of Mike Figgis! Yaya goes to Maria's Closet first. She interviews that 20,000 yen doesn't go a long way in Tokyo. Ann is at one of the stores, and says that the clothes were amazing, but, "It's kind of like that whole...this is door number one. Do you want to keep this or do you want to give it up and take door number two?" And it has just occurred to me that the key to Tokyo street style is dressing like you're going on Let's Make a Deal. Be careful of door number two, Ann. It's probably that weird announcer guy in a baby outfit on a giant rocking chair. And even he will beat you in this competition, on account of how much you suck. Ann buys a capri pant/skirt combination, which cannot be good.

Eva wanders the streets and complains that the street signs in Tokyo are in -- yes, wait for it -- Japanese. The nerve! Ann and Eva independently start to ask people for directions. I don't know why they didn't think of that sooner, quite frankly. Mike Figgis switches things up and give us a dual screen. We hear Eva yell, "Banana!" and she and Ann seem genuinely glad to see each other. They run and yell exuberantly like the giddy young lovers they once were. Ann interviews that she and Eva had separated before this challenge, but that their difficulties were thrown out the window because they both needed help. They continue to race around, and it appears that Eva is kind of happy because she thinks she has her friend back. But, as well all know, Ann is off of her meds, so this is bound to end with some unpleasantness.

Amanda calmly applies makeup. She says that her strategy was a good one, because she wasn't running around Tokyo in the rain and getting hot and sweaty, and thus incurred minimal stress.

Cut to Ann and Eva, who are incurring maximal stress. They ask someone in a shop where Metamorphose is. It's right next door, but they race off in the opposite direction. I blame Ann for that, on account of how she sucks. Player piano music underscores the action, as Eva points out a place called The Sad Café, where she will later be dining on a banana-less fruit bowl. They finally find Metamorphose with one hour left to go. Ann is not happy with the selection and laments the fact that she did not get more stuff at the first shop. Eva offers to take her to another store, but Ann says that they don't have time. I think that Eva actually has her whole outfit, and is just helping Ann, who is mean and ungrateful. Ann says that she just has to buy what's there and make it work. Yeah, good luck. Eva and Ann find the Milk pressroom.

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