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With half an hour left, Yaya is finished but, as she interviews, really wants a kimono. She bought one, which she says she is proud of (it is humble and respectful like its new mother), but has to get dressed and find her final destination in ten minutes. The other three wait outside of the pressroom as Yaya races with two minutes left. The girls discuss the fact that Yaya is not there and Ann says, "Good." Amanda says that she hopes Yaya isn't standing in front of the Milk storeface (the store is closed), but that is, in fact, exactly what she's doing. The entrance to the pressroom is right next to the store, but Yaya doesn't know that. Ha! She is bewildered and consults her map. Commercials.

Ann, Eva and Amanda enter the pressroom where they meet the Milk designers, who say that they expected four girls. Outside, Yaya runs around in a late fashion, because of how late she is. Late! The Milk designers are Shingo (man) and Hitomi (mannish woman). Shingo says that they will see the girls one by one. Yaya finally makes it to the pressroom. She apologizes to the designers, and Shingo sends her on her way, saying, "See you around." Ha! Take that. He says to Hitomi that the lateness is unacceptable. It appears that Little Miss "How dare you shop for shoes on the go-sees/I was here on time" has received her comeuppance. Amanda interviews that Yaya has won five challenges in a row, but now it's someone else's turn. If I may say so, Yaya's outfit sucked anyway.

Amanda models her babydoll style. Shingo and Hitomi ask how old she is and she says twenty-five, which Hitomi deems too aged. She's practically Bea Arthur in their eyes, which might also be why Hitomi is getting a craving for cheesecake on the lanai. Next is Ann, whose outfit looks pretty stupid. Shingo asks her to explain her look, and she tells them, "It wasn't, like, just a skirt or pants, it was kind of, like, in-between." Ah, the cutting-edge skort! I hear it goes well with a pair of pumps. Eva is next, and tells the designers that she is nineteen, which Hitomi says is perfect. Methinks Hitomi wants herself some Eva-boshi, if you get my drift. The taste so sweet, you'd swear it's candy! Eva is charming when explaining the inspiration behind her outfit.

The designers deliberate, and the girls are called back in. Shingo does the talking, but it's Hitomi who apparently calls all the shots. The big winner is Eva, which I more or less suspected when I saw our intrepid designer doodling "Hitomi Pigford" on the back of her score sheet. Eva said that her strategy was finding things that don't go together and look really stupid. Good strategy, apparently. She asks, "How dumb do I look?" Shingo tells Eva that she can take one person with her, and she chooses Ann. The two smile and sway back and forth and celebrate, under the mistaken illusion that love's fresh rosebud has not withered and died. Eva interviews that she chose Ann because there was no one else that she wanted there but Ann.

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