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The girls pull up to a busy Tokyo street, where they see The Dowager Jay Manuel and Miss J. Alexander, who for some reason have their nicknames captioned. Dude, if you're only just tuning into this show, I say save yourself some effort and go find a date on Planet Out or something. The Dowager Jay looks asinine, per usual. He tells the girls that they are dressed up as Harajuku Japanime girls. The girls have crazy colored wigs on. Well, all except for Amanda, who has her "regular" hair. Jay tells them that this is how the Harajuku girls really dress, except that they are constantly following Gwen Stefani around. And by the way, Gwen Stefani...please stop. You're getting embarrassing.

The girls have to pose with a motorcycle and look like they're in motion. The Jays note that we are down to the final four, so this shoot is very important. Miss J. tells Ann that he has been on her butt, aadding, "I have a habit of throwing you a kitchen sink and you never throw me back a bathtub. You throw me back, like, bathwater, splash, ooh!" Which...what? Is that an actual saying? Is he speaking Japanese? Does this have something to do with the bonsai butterfly? Ann is upset that J. singled her out for a critique, even one as cryptic as that. Honey, he's telling you to step it up or you're going home.

Amanda has on a plastic pink outfit, and black and white striped tights. Her blonde hair is in two ponytails. She interviews that she expected to get a crazy picture, what with the motorcycle riding and all. And I think that my hatred of Amanda has officially transformed into like. There, I said it. I like Amanda. This is a confusing time for me. She may be old and blind, and fond of telling everyone how blind she is, but everyone else is so freaking irritating that I kind of hope she wins. And now I have lost all of my recapping integrity. Sigh. I am so fired. ["No, no. I'm not mad. I'm just very disappointed in you." -- Wing Chun]

Takashi Miesaki is the photographer. Amanda poses, and Jay tells her to have more movement. He tells her to "feel" the Harajuku girls, who don't care about anything. After the shoot, he interviews that Amanda got the shoot, and the feel of Harajuku.

Yaya is next. Miss J. tells her, "We don't want educated models, we want clever models." He says that he knows she's smart, but that she can leave her education behind. Yaya says that she's proud to be an educated black woman and, "Whatever." Yaya has many ideas of how to pose on the motorcycle, but complains that the photographer was clicking too quickly. She interviews, "Well, the Tyra Mail did say something about life on the fast lane, but I didn't know that that was going to play into the...mode of photography." And she treats the mode of photography like it is dookie. Yaya, apologize to the mode of photography. She asks the photographer to hold on and almost falls off the bike. Jay says that Yaya keeps giving attitude, and that he is slowly growing to dislike her. "Slowly"? Girl, please. When it comes to Yaya there is only the sharp pang of hot, burning hatred.

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