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The Girl Who Does Not Want To Dance

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The Girl Whom Everyone Suddenly Hates

And then, it is Natasha's turn. Her photo is not good. Nigel says that she has an extremely strong face, but the photo is an example of how if the wrong make-up is put on her, it doesn't work. He adds that she's not connecting with the shot, and Carissa says that it seems awkward and uncomfortable. Ms. J. tells her that when all else fails, she should give it in the face, because then at least the judges will be able to say something was great. Tyra says that Natasha's film in total was worse than that from the very first shoot. She notes that Jay told her that Natasha was sick, but the sickness doesn't account for how bad she was. Natasha says that she had a fever, and had to really pull herself together just to get to the photo shoot because she felt so bad. Tyra gives a school marm-ish, "Hm." Uh oh. Tyra repeats Jay's note that even though Natasha showed up, she couldn't push through her illness. She reverted back to her initial weaknesses and was very awkward. Tyra agrees. She asks Natasha who has the most potential. Natasha, of course, says herself, because she has the Eastern European features that are in fashion right now. See, I like how she went for the purely physical stuff, without any of the, "I need to feed my family blah blah spirit" bullshit.

Natasha adds that she's thankful for the critiques that the other girls gave her, and that she still likes them. Twiggy says that she's really surprised by the reaction of the other girls to Natasha, because every week she's one of the warmest girls. She makes the judges laugh, and also takes their critiques well. Twiggy had the thought that maybe because Natasha is so beautiful, there might be an element of slight jealousy to what the other girls are saying. There is a weird cut to Natasha saying that if Gisele Bundchen were behind her, she would say that Gisele has the least potential because she's her biggest competition. Ah, I guess Gisele: Natasha :: Natasha: Renee, Dionne and Jaslene. Tyra asks what Natasha's reaction is to the other girls saying such negative things about her. Natasha says that she feels like she's always been talked about, but being talked about is better than not being noticed at all. True enough, but it still doesn't feel good. Tyra dismisses Natasha, and we head to commercials.

When we return, it is not to the judges' deliberating. Rather, we see the girls in the judging holding room. Natasha tells the other girls that she truly wishes them luck, and that's just how she is. Jaslene says that at times they don't accept who she is, and Renee pipes in that Natasha seems fake. Natasha says she's not fake at all. Jaslene says that they're just letting her know how they see her from the outside, and how she's been with them. Natasha, who seems kind of hurt, says that she doesn't understand what they mean by saying that. Jaslene says that she's just speaking to Natasha's assertion that the others find her to be a threat, or are jealous. She says that she's not jealous and that Natasha's not a threat. Poor Natasha is beat on this one, and can only say a meek, "Okay." Renee smirks in the background, per usual. I have never wanted Natasha to win more, I have to tell you.

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