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The Girl Who Does Not Want To Dance

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The Girl Whom Everyone Suddenly Hates

And then, the deliberation. Twiggy say that Dionne has given the weakest photographs throughout the competition, though this one might be her best. Carissa says that she's a beautiful girl, but doesn't seem like a top model. Tyra brings up the fact that Dionne is the only girl who didn't name herself as having the most top model potential. Jaslene always produces great photos, says Nigel, but he worries that she gives the same look over and over. Tyra says that it seems like this competition is Jaslene's life. Though she wants the girls to have drive and determination and tunnel vision, she's worried what will happen to Jaslene if she doesn't win. Ms. J. clarifies that Tyra's concerned that if Jaslene doesn't make it eventually it might destroy her. Tyra says that then Jaslene might be stalking his ass. Ms. J. looks afraid, as well he should. There's nothing like a scared man in ever increasing sizes of ruffles around his neck, I'll tell you that much.

Twiggy loves Renee's photo. Nigel says that everyone loves Renee, and she's really beautiful, but she just doesn't look like the youngest, freshest face on the block. Tyra says that the other judges might not know this, but she practically had to hold an intervention because the other girls were all against Renee, and then this week it's all about hating Natasha. Tyra asks what that means. It means they're catty bitches, which we already knew. Twiggy asks if the others think it's jealousy, and Nigel says not to ask him because he's a guy. Tyra shakes her finger in his face and tells him that guys are just as catty and shady as girls are. In any case, Twiggy loves Natasha. She thinks that this week's photo is her weakest, but also thinks that Natasha dealt with the other girls' negativity miraculously well. Tyra asks if the other judges really think that the other girls are threatened by Natasha, and Carissa and Twiggy both agree that they were really ganging up on her. Tyra says that might be the case, but doesn't negate the fact that her photo shoot was a disaster. Eep!

The girls return. Four girls, three photos. Renee is called first, with high praise. Next is Jaslene. She is surprised, and says she thought she'd be in the bottom two because the judges want to see a different face and she hasn't brung it. Tyra says that she'd better brung-did-id it next week. Or, leave it at home with your catty bitchery. Either way. This of course leaves Dionne and Natasha. Dionne started off rough, and got better and better. But the judges feel like her ascent is too rocky, with lots of backsliding. The fact that she didn't name herself as having the most potential also concerns the judges (read: Tyra, who is the only person to really pay attention to that stupid shit). Because, after all, who will believe in Dionne if she doesn't believe in herself? ["I have to say, I wondered whether she knew she was even allowed to name herself, since they told her the job was to 'evaluate her competition.' I wondered if she thought they meant 'out of the other three girls.'" -- Miss Alli] Meanwhile, Natasha is the girl with the beautiful face and great personality who was awful at first. But she got better and better, until this week, when she sucked. And the "boo hoo I'm sick" story is the oldest top model excuse in the book. Tyra adds the fact that the other girls all were very negative about Natasha and, given the fact that the judges don't live in the house with them (but if they did, wouldn't it be interesting and also make all the judges quit?), they have to listen to what the other girls say sometimes. Is there something about Natasha that she's hiding? Is there something that's manipulative? Is she fake? Tyra asks those questions, and notes that there has to be a reason why the other three girls have ganged up against her. They're mean. Isn't that reason enough?

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