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The Girl Who Does Not Want To Dance

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The Girl Whom Everyone Suddenly Hates

When we return, the girls meet up with Jay at another outdoor locale. He tells them that today they'll be incorporating Aboriginal culture into their shoot, and will work with members of the Ngemba tribe to act out a story. Kane Skennar is the photographer for the day. Sharon Williams, a member of the Ngemba tribe, tells the girls that each one of them will be acting out a tribal legend. They'll also each have to learn a dance that they'll perform in the context of the shoot. Dionne, enemy of dancing with unparalleled vigilance, is not happy about this. The girls get made up and outfitted, and Natasha tells the makeup person that she is still really, really sick. The other girls probably gave her raw, salmonella-laden chicken and told her it was sushi. I wouldn't put it past them.

Jaslene is up first, and she has to learn the dance of the Red-Breast Robin. She tells us that it involved a lot of turning and shaking her knees like a chicken, and she doesn't plan on taking those moves home. She gets a lot of positive feedback as she shoots, but Jay tells her not to tilt her head up because he and Tyra can't use all the shots where they're looking up her nostrils. And believe me, you don't want to see what's in there. Jay tells us that he liked how Jaslene understood the spirit and the movements of the legend, and also that she brought her own beautiful, graceful interpretation to it.

Dionne is next, and learns a food-gathering dance that involves gathering berries, shaking some twigs around, and giving thanks to God. She seems okay with that, probably because it's not really dance-like. Jay reminds Dionne that she needs to stop making her mean face. He says that the group of women dancing with her in her shot have a beautiful energy about them, and he doesn't want her "scowly energy" to misrepresent who they are. The problem with Dionne is that when she doesn't look mean, she just kind of looks tense and confused. Jay loves her body language, but tells her to give more in the face. When she tries, he tells her that she got more mean-looking. Dionne tries to relax herself, and Jay tells her not to overthink it. Jay tells us that working with Dionne is really frustrating, because though she has a beautiful spirit, when she gets in front of the camera she turns controlling and mean. Jay has to coach Dionne through every single shot. Though this yields good results, he isn't happy about having to do it at this stage of the competition.

Next up is Natasha, who does a dance about the willie wagtail. Or, as Natasha says, the wiggly wagtail bird. She is psyched, because she has historically been very successful when asked to be wiggly. The bird is always jumping and is happy, she says, so it's a happy dance. But you know what culprit might impede on all this happiness? That's right. The red-tinged stuffed nose. She hands a snotty Kleenex to a lackey and then begins her shoot. Or, I should say, she tries to begin her shoot, but hackingly coughs instead. Jay notes under his breath that she's miserable. Natasha stands there like a dead person. Kane tells her to lighten it up and look happier. It does not help. Jay pauses the shoot for a minute and says that this is a really important lesson, because one time he was in St. Bart's with Tyra, and she was really sick. But as soon as the photographer started shooting, she was like, "Oooh, bam bam bam bam bam bam." Yes, and Tyra once climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for a shoot after having three toes amputated because they wouldn't fit into her Manolos, and she swam in dolphin-infested waters for a shoot despite having an enduring fear of dolphins, and the dolphins were so impressed that they jumped up in a heart shape around her and changed their name to "Typhins," and Tyra removed all of her skin for a shoot about musculature and turned it inside out, literally, because that's what a supermodel does. And you know how Heather Mills bravely went on Dancing with the Stars and kicked ass even though she only has one leg? That was actually Tyra. WE KNOW.

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