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Destiny's Trial

Tyra hugs a very sad Destiny, and tells her that she needs to practice, because she doesn't understand what she has. She's Bambi, with gorgeous long lashes and big beautiful eyes. For every photo shoot that she will continue to do, Tyra tells her to show the fans that she still deserves to be in the competition. Oh, I am at least relieved that she won't have to worry about finding a place to stay and food to eat for another month or so. Destiny says that she'll fight for the chance to come back, but is pretty unconvincing. That's understandable, though, given how much she feels like shit at the moment. She wishes that people had gotten to know her better, and voted for her instead of the stank bitch Kristin. Destiny is going to channel her pissed-off-ness into her photos, and try to come back, at least theoretically.

Next week: Cheerleading! Apparently Yvonne shows off her cooch, as she is want to do. The girls walk in a fashion show that somehow involves Alicia Keys, and Laura has a pretty hilarious looking mini-breakdown.

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