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Destiny's Trial

The girls next head to Santa Monica to meet Tyra, who reminds them that modeling is not just about being pretty -- you have to have a story behind the moves. In that way, it's kind of like acting. And yes, it's the acting challenge! Tyra has brought in special guest Tyler Perry to help them with the fine art of dressing up like an old lady. Tyler says that modeling and acting are very similar in that you have to convey to the audience that you are a specific person. And in the upcoming challenge, that specific person is "doofus." There are flags with four different possible characters on them -- tourist, rapper, street performer, and Hollywood diva. The more over the top they can be, says Tyra, the better. Tyler will be judging the challenge, and of course the scores will count in the overall ranking after the photo shoot. And there is quite a prize -- the girl who wins will receive a walk-on role in an inexplicably popular Tyler Perry film.

The girls head into hair, makeup and wardrobe, and get outfitted in all manner of crazy things. Kiara is thrilled with her role as a Hollywood diva, and Yvonne notes that it's not really all that much of a stretch. The girls all have earpieces attached so that Tyler and Tyra can give them direction, like a really cruel Cyrano. Yvonne gives a preview of her rapper character, named Chocolate Stain, to Tyler and Tyra, and they crack up. It turns out that Yvonne was in her high school production of Brigadoon or whatever, so is feeling pretty confident about this challenge. As we see Destiny in her confused and starstruck tourist garb, Tyler tells us that the most important thing the girls can do is commit to the character. Just like he does when he's a tall man playing a woman. Acting!

Destiny is first out, wandering the streets looking like a whack tourist. Tyler directs her to accost a young man who apparently looks a bit like Usher, which she does with great aplomb. She tries doing Usher moves, then tells him that he's rude for ignoring her. I think the real challenge of this challenge is not to get decked. Tyler says that Destiny was fearless, and gives her a 6. Oh boy, and then it's time for Victoria and her delusional wannabe diva character. So, Victoria has created a whole backstory for her diva, whose name is Rashada Bourgeois and who is a British-accented "charitable diva." With direction from Tyler and Tyra she sort of fumbles about yelling at people not to take her picture, and not to hit on her. And THEN she goes rogue and starts running after a guy and asking if he'd like some fried chicken. I wasn't the only one who wondered with dread if this was going to be a black guy, right? As we watch Tyra and Tyler look on with alarm and see Tyra hurriedly instructing Victoria to get away from the man she is accosting, we head to commercials.

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