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Destiny's Trial

Oh boy, and then Destiny is next. Sad times, you guys. Sad times. Her photo is just not good. Rob says that it's disturbing in a way, and that she looks like she's dying even though she's actually supposed to be dead already. The face, though. Kelly is concerned, because this is Destiny's best photo of the week, and she's serving gnarly puppet theater rather than zombie fashion shoot. Tyra says that Destiny has an antelope face with too far-apart eyes, which actually is a very good thing for a model. However, she gets sleepy and buckeyed in front of the camera, and what she has is not delivering on film. Destiny gets a 6 from Rob and 5s from Tyra and Kelly.

Next up we have Laura, whose photo is pretty great. She's opening up her voluminous dress in a way that actually makes her look like a zombie who was once a model. Kelly and Tyra love it, though Tyra does give her a bit of criticism for becoming a no-neck zombie monster. Bryanboy gives his own quite high opinion of Laura, and says that the fans share his viewpoint. Laura gets 9s all around from the judges.

And then there's Kristin. You know, usually when the judges talk about someone just being pretty I think they're full of shit, but in this particular photo you can see exactly what they mean. She's just sitting there in the dullest manner possible with a big flesh wound on her face. Rob notes that fashion editorial is about the clothes you're wearing, which are relatively obscured, and she also has nothing of a flesh-eating zombie in her countenance because, you guessed it, she's too pretty. Kelly agrees that it's the weakest thing she's seen Kristin do in the competition. Tyra likes the inhale of breath, but says that Kristin is not being a model. At least one fan, via video, agrees. Kristin gets a 4 from Kelly, a 6 from Rob, and a 7 from Tyra. She then asks the judges how to not be pretty in a photo shoot. Tyra introduces her to the concept of ugly pretty, in which models do things with their faces to make them more interesting. It is distinct from ugly-ugly, which is just ugly and should require no further explanation.

Allyssa is next, and Kelly thinks that her body and legs could be stronger in the way that she's working the dress. Rob isn't getting zombie from it, and says that if you took away the flesh wounds it would just be a pretty girl in a pretty dress. The camera loves Allyssa's face, says Tyra, but this is more "Mary Poppins after a car accident" than zombie. Bryanboy says that Allyssa's numbers are consistent, but she has to start using her gorgeous body. Allyssa gets 7s from Kelly and Rob and an 8 from Tyra.

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