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And, back in they come. Six girls, five photos. And you know who gets one? Adrianne. And also Kesse. And Shannon. And Robin, the fat old one. Would Giselle and Elyse please step forward? Elyse tells us in a quick confessional that she doesn't want to be eliminated because it would be "embarrassing." But Tyra doesn't want her to be all superior. Giselle, meanwhile, tells us in a confessional how "nervous" she is, and Tyra tells her that she thought Giselle had the best movement, but that she walked off the set and announced, "I think I look more like a dancer than a model," which made Tyra's mind change and made it Giselle's fault. Congratulations, Elyse. You didn't have any damning confessionals this week, so you're still in the running toward becoming America's Next Top Model. Hugs are exchanged and tears shed in slo-mo, but a pepped-up Giselle tells us in a confessional, "Britney Spears did Star Search and she lost, and look at where she is now." Yeah, um...look at that.

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