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Tyra thanks the girls for their honesty and says that they need this type of insight to get to the next level. When they get out into the modeling world, which is filled with sharks (and at this I can't believe we don't get a shot of Janice), the girls will need to know the strengths and weaknesses of their competition. And now it is time for the judges' evaluation. Tyra thinks Keenyah is catty, and that she gave her critique as if she was the best. She notes with surprise that no girl said that she was the one with the most top model potential, which is apparently what the judges were looking for. That is kind of a trick question. The judges critique Keenyah's shot. Janice says that Keenyah's body pose is weak, but her face is gorgeous. Flambé says that she's pretty, but doesn't show fashion. Flambé says that Christina's critiques were boring, and Janice and Nigel both add that she was robotic. A beautiful robot, but a robot nonetheless. Paola says that, as an agent, she doesn't know how she'd sell Christina, because she's not feeling anything from her. Christina turns on the waterworks to try to convince the judges that she has a soul. Janice thinks Christina's pose in the photo sucks, and that she's lost her ankle. And this one is totally Jay Manuel's fault. Tyra -- ever coming to Jay's defense -- says that the Wall Street Journal proclaimed "the hunch" to be the new "it" pose in modeling. Well, since it's coming from such a respected fashion publication, I'm sure that's totally true.

Flambé says that he thinks Naima's beautiful, but that she's like an egg that needs to be cracked. The shell! The shell! She confesses that she holds back because she doesn't want to revisit the anger of her past. Janice likes that Naima's soft, sweet voice is gone, because now she's getting a sense of the real Naima. Nigel and Janice agree that Naima's critiques were brilliant. Flambé thinks her face in the photo looks dead. Tyra harps on Jay's point that Naima only looks good in profile or three-quarter shots, but loses it from the front. And in this particular photo her face does look awfully smushed.

Kahlen was very accurate on the critique, which was impressive. Nigel calls Kahlen's photo "angelic." Tyra says that the photo they are seeing is great, but that Kahlen didn't have very many good ones to choose from during her shoot. Nigel warns her not to get too complacent.

Brittany's critique sucked, says everyone, and it appears as though she hasn't learned a thing. Nigel is impressed and hornified by Brittany's photo. Janice thinks that it's amazing. Tyra says that women will want to be Brittany, and guys will want to be with her. Nigel says that it's a sex bomb shot, and Janice says that he's just a "big old...horny...judge." That's what they all said about Wapner.

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