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A fake timer tells us that the girls have two and a half hours. Keenyah interviews that this is an important challenge that she would like to win, and that go-sees are a key part of a model's career. She visits the design coordinator at Thomas Red, who looks at her portfolio and says that she has potential. And I'm assuming that by "potential," he means "potential to eat more than that tiny Japanese kid who effortlessly scarfs all those hot dogs." Christina asks her driver about the distance between clients. She's nervous about having to sell herself, because it's not something she generally excels at. She wears a dress at the shop of designer Jo Carlin. Jo herself is wearing the same dress, which I find odd. Were they only at the shop of Jo Polniaczek. Christina tells Jo she likes it, and that she feels like she isn't wearing anything. Jo smirks, and I guess that's bad. Christina says that she's always been confident and carried herself well, and that people mistake that for coldness. She stares at Jo with her giant fish eyes -- which have really mellowed out from previous episodes to the point of making me think that Christina is kind of pretty -- and Jo gives a curt "thank you very much" and sends her on her way.

Kahlen arrives at her go-see, where the door seems to be locked. She says, "This is retarded." Naima's driver asks what time she needs to be back, and she tells him 4:30, so we know that she is aware of the time limit. She interviews that she walks into each challenge with determination and shows that she has something beautiful and individual to offer the industry. She walks in a flowing green dress for designer Christiaan Gabreil du Toit, who likes her unique face and hair as well as his own crazy-ass name. Meanwhile, Kahlen still can't get in. I'm sure she's a sweet girl and all, but she's not the brightest bulb in the room. Brittany interviews that she thinks she'll do we;; in the challenge because she's good with people. She plans to walk in and be professional. Cut to a shot of Brittany saying, "What do you think?" and exuberantly grabbing her breasts in one of the designer's dresses.

Two hours left. Kahlen finally gets in to meet designer Gavin Rajah, who is somewhat enormous. She interviews that she's never been on a go-see, and says that she's a little shy at times, which might prove problematic. Gavin asks her if she's done ramp before. She says, "Rap?" Gavin clarifies that he means runway work. Kahlen says, "No. Mmm-mmmm." She then gets a mildly panicked look on her face and says, "I mean yes." And then busts out into the second verse of "Push It." Gavin looks puzzled and/or annoyed. All you fly mothers get on out there and dance. Dance, I said!

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