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Keenyah and Naima give their drivers the same address. Uh-oh! I smell trouble a-brewin'. It does appear that Naima arrives first, but Keenyah is right behind. She interviews that she stepped on it because she did not plan on waiting around during Naima's go-see. Naima starts walking up the stairs, and as Keenyah starts closing in behind her, she begins to go a little quicker. Despite her extra heft, the flat-wearing Keenyah overtakes stiletto-wearing Naima on the left side. Keenyah breezes past Naima in the designer's space, and interviews that a lot of people might think that she should have waited, since Naima was there first, but that it's a competition and she's going to do what she has to do. Keenyah walks up to the designer and introduces herself. Naima stands idly by, and is pissed. Commercials.

When we return, Naima complains in an interview that Keenyah bogarted her out of the way. Designer Craig Port says that he wants to see Keenyah in one of his shirts, because fit is important. Naima notes that Keenyah has put on some weight, and Keenyah interviews that she was praying it would fit. And this is where they should have put the models in some kind of slinky dress and not just a short-sleeved button-down shirt. Drum roll...and it fits. Rats. Keenyah thinks that she did well. She has her eye on the prize and doesn't care what it takes to get there. Naima interviews that, after Keenyah left, her determination to win doubled. She shows a little spunk, and Craig says she has a great walk. She's wearing the same shirt Keenyah wore, and you know that Craig Port was all, "I really don't want these losers touching my finery...can someone scout out the clearance rack at T.J. Maxx?" Naima tells her driver that it's important to see all of the designers.

The girls have an hour and seventeen minutes left. Brittany meets with someone who says that, at age twenty-two, she's confident, strong, and knows who she is: a young Janice Dickinson. She tells him that she's made it through the whole "Just wanna have fun and party stage" of her life. Well, at least until the next tray of dollar Jell-O shots is passed around. Kahlen walks up a set of stairs, saying that she has ones just like them in her apartment. She then hits her head on the top ledge and says she doesn't have that. Someone looks through Christina's book as she stares around awkwardly.

Keenyah and Kahlen arrive at the Hip Hop Boutique at approximately the same time, Keenyah once again trailing by a bit. Kahlen gets to the doors, which are barred, and once again can't find a way in. As Kahlen is waiting, Keenyah blows right past her. Kahlen interviews that she knew Keenyah was going to try to get in front of her. She may have suspected this when Keenyah tried to body-check her to ensure that she was first through the entrance. Who's laughing about that extra bowl of yogurt now, girls? Kahlen interviews that it was rude, and that a person should respect the order of arrival. Eventually, she decides that she doesn't have time for the pushing and fighting, and leaves before they even get in. She notes that she's not surprised, because Keenyah is very competitive -- even more so now that her weight gain puts her in danger of elimination. Keenyah walks with confidence for the designers, and one of them says quietly, "She's quite fleshy. I think she's not lean enough. Particularly in the back." Heh.

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