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The Kloof Will Set You Free

In the limousine, Brittany tells Keenyah how happy she is to have been picked. Keenyah goes through the list of the other girls, saying why she didn't choose them. She didn't choose Christina because she thought she'd just go straight for the industry connections and not talk to Keenyah at all. Keenyah interviews that she wants to have fun at the party, but also work the potential connections as much as possible. At home, Kahlen toasts to her favorite girls left in the competition, Naima and Christina. She says that even if the judges say she's cold and heartless, Christina is the most affectionate person there. Christina says that some amazing girls have already gone, and that they're going to see more amazing girls go. Good to know she has a high opinion of herself. Naima says, "Cheers to that." The glasses clink.

Meanwhile, Brittany and Keenyah enter Craig Port's lovely house to find a "major industry party." Keenyah is really excited because of the potential connections. As everyone sits down to dinner, Craig toasts first to their two new arrivals, Brittany and Keenyah. Cut to Brittany somewhat drunkenly saying, "What I love about myself is I only wanna have fun." I've got a feeling she's not the only one. Keenyah interviews that, as they are eating and talking, Brittany's voice is carrying to all corners of the rather long table. Shot of Brittany being embraced by the guy next to her and laughing loudly. That girl really has no couth. Keenyah complains that Brittany is busting out lots of jokes and generally overshadowing Keenyah. And that's a big shadow to over. Brittany interviews that she loves to be the center of attention and to put on a show for people. "I know I'm annoying," she yells at the table. Points for self-awareness. Keenyah is pissed off and regrets picking Brittany because she's a spotlight hog. Yeah, but Keenyah kind of knew that. Shot of Craig Port grinding Brittany's ass and Brittany screaming, "Oh YES!" while the other guests look on and laugh. Keenyah looks annoyed. And that, my friends, is the face of karma. Commercials.

Naima is once again the Cover Girl of the week, for the zillionth time in a row.

When we return, Brittany is still annoying and Keenyah is still overshadowed. Someone notes how relaxed Brittany is with the group, and she yells, "I love it!" Keenyah interviews that because Brittany's personality is so great, Keenyah has been relegated to the background. At the table, Keenyah says that they've had a lot of fun, and Brittany totally talks over her, saying, "I've had a great time tonight and, I really, um, it's the best time I've had in this whole entire competition." Craig Port hugs her goodbye, fondly, because she let him get to third base. In the limo on the way home, Brittany slurs with satisfaction that she had a great time. Keenyah, who is barely containing her anger, says that she was quiet "IN COMPARISON TO BRITTANY." Brittany says, "Weren't you glad that you brought me?" Keenyah mulls over Brittany's use of tense and is silent, but the answer is clearly no. They get home to discover Tyra Mail. The other girls are sleeping. And in Christina and Kahlen's case, they are actually spooning in bed. How can the editors just throw in one gratuitous spooning shot? It is so mysterious. "Get ready to Kloof!" reads the Tyra Mail. That's it? Brittany runs off with the Tyra Mail and steps on Keenyah's foot en route.

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