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The Kloof Will Set You Free

Christina fastens leaves around her private areas with clothespins. She says that her look today is the most sensual she's ever been. If you have a fetish for air-dried laundry, I suppose that is true. She sort of looks like Pocahontas. She lies on a rock, and Jay shouts out posing ideas. She says again that she is trying to be warmer and more sensual, which is apparently played out with the exposure of her right breast. She asks Jay if her foot looks amputated, which shows that she's been listening to Janice. Jay complains that she was too technical with her posing, though she had sensitivity in her face. Christina seems satisfied with her performance and hopes that her efforts have paid off. The girls load into the van, having not had to Kloof back from anywhere.

Tyra Mail! Judging is tomorrow. Brittany says that no matter who leaves now, it is someone she likes as a friend. Christina says that she doesn't know who is going home, and that she's going to give all she has in front of the judges so that they see she's more than a tough exterior. Keenyah and Brittany try on red dresses. Keenyah says that she is wide, and Brittany says sternly that she isn't, and that the dress looks good on her. The good friend is the friend who will lie to you. Keenyah interviews that panel is up in the air, and that a lot rides on the challenge in front of the panel. Naima says that when it comes down to it, the judges are the ones who need to be impressed. Kahlen says that she doesn't feel she performed her best during her photo shoot. Naima says that they'll see tomorrow, as we cut to commercials.

On this week's "My Life As a Cover Girl," Eva Pigford is the first person ever to live in New York City. Where the streets are paved with gold, the sky is awash with dreams, and the bed is inhabited by Missy Elliot.

And now the part we really tune in for: The Janice Dickinson Judging Hour. A photo of Tyra covering herself with a huge fern leaf welcomes us. She's looking mighty pretty in the photo as well as at the judging, though her outfit is skankalicious. Prizes, judges, happy looks. The guest judge is Paola DeVito, which gets a scowl from Naima. Tyra explains about the Kloofing shoot, which garners an exaggerated "'KLOOFING'?" from Janice. And I'm sorry, but if Janice hasn't done it, then it doesn't exist in the world of modeling. Also, can't anyone just say "hiking"? But Tyra insists that she went Kloofing in South America and had to outfit herself in nature for a photo shoot, and we see the alien-tinged evidence.

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