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The Girl Who Forgot Her Shoes

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Don't You Mean, "The Girl Whose Thighs Were Twenty-Nine Inches Around"?

During her shoot, Jay says that Toccara is supposed to be a parking attendant, and that she's dead in the eyes. Toccara rolls her dead eyes, apparently at Michele, who does a bit of a troll-ish double take. Jay says that he wants to see Toccara's pain and her longing. Jay tells J. that Toccara's biggest challenge is in letting down her wall, and that she's afraid to "act with her eyes." Toccara is outfitted in her glamorous look, which includes a blue bombshell dress and blond wig. Michele says that her boobs have to be strapped down. She actually says "schtrapped," which bugs the crap out of me even though it seems to be all the rage these days. What's so hard about the "st" consonant blend, I ask you? Toccara interviews that she didn't think she did a good job, and that she should have kept a positive attitude, but that things got to her. Toccara cries to Yaya, saying that it's hard to stay positive. Yaya says, "Even though they say that they welcome plus-sized models, you know that they don't pay as much attention to you, and you're handling yourself very well." Yaya says that when wardrobe has only one thing for Toccara, Toccara has a right to complain. And though on principle I hate to find myself agreeing with Yaya, I think she's right. They totally could have found something better for Toccara. It's one thing if the go-see designers don't have clothes to fit her, but I don't see why a team of professionals who know that she's coming can't find something better-looking in a size 14. Toccara says that Michele shouldn't make her feel bad, and that she knows she shouldn't compare herself to everyone else, but that they had much better options. She's trying to remain grateful, but it hurts.

And now it's time for the Cover Girl Beauty Tip of the Week, presented in its entirety, for your reading pleasure.

Small Orange Man: Okay, girl, it's time to glam up those gorgeous eyes of yours.
Horsy Foreign Model: You always make it look so easy.
SOM: It is easy! Let's start with a precise line along your upper lashes. [She makes a precise line along her upper lashes.] Okay, now soften it a bit with the smudger tip.
HFM: Oh cool!
SOM: Curl your eyelashes, then finish with a full fan of lashes.
HFM: Eyes made simple!
Voice-Over: Log onto for the latest on lashes and more!

I'll bet the election coverage on was riveting.

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