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The script-writing begins, and Kiara is feeling confident about her abilities in public speaking. She notes that Laura is very fortunate, with all of her acres and horses and ponds. However Kiara is an athlete, and is ready to take the bitch down. She's not about to be rolled over by a one-percenter. Meanwhile, Laura wants to prove that she's not riding on her parents' financial success. She had a job in a café when she was fourteen, and wouldn't do anything like mention her parents constantly on a reality show to get attention. With the half-hour of script writing over, Yendi tells us a bit of what they'll be looking for in this challenge -- they want the girls to highlight information on Jamaica, but also give the whole thing a personal touch. Laura is up first, and even for a horse-lover such as herself, delivering lines while riding proves to be a bit of a challenge. She talks about how Jamaica is diverse and affordable, which makes it sound like the TJ Maxx of vacation destinations. She starts to go on about the unique experiences and attractions that Jamaica offers, but totally forgets her lines. Yendi and Rob both note how hard Laura is on herself, since it looks like she's about to cry. She still looks terrified on her second take, but does a much better job. Rob and Yendi high five, and Laura thinks she has it in the bag.

Leila is next. She tells us that she got attacked by a dolphin -- attacked! -- and that horses are very scary. She's feeling the pressure not to get maimed by an animal. Leila starts to deliver her lines, but it turns out that her horse is feeling a wee bit persnickety. As it snorts and pulls its head and starts going faster, Leila starts crying because she's so scared. She wants someone to take the horse, and cries that she can't do this. Yendi tells her that she's okay, and tries to calm her down by pointing out that the trainer is right there beside her. In fairness, he doesn't seem to have done all that good of a job so far. Rob notes that Leila has everything going for her but is struggling with her confidence, and that's no good in the modeling industry. Leila takes a few breaths and settles down, and her second take actually looks to be pretty good. She mentions the highlight of her trip as being taught dance hall moves, which gets approval from Yendi. Rob and Yendi seem impressed in the end, and there were no animal-inflicted broken bones of anything.

Next we have Nastasia, who seems very happy with her little script. She's not so happy, however, when she gets on her horse and draws a complete blank. Crickets chirp as Nastasia is silent. Her horse is unimpressed as well, and starts to misbehave. After this, she just starts to improvise. The horse is still not in the mood for her, and even appears to be foaming at the mouth a little. As Rob notes that what she's saying about Jamaica is so generic that it could apply anywhere, Nastasia just says, "Kill me." A girl after my own heart.

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