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With that, it's panel time! There are prizes, there are judges. Bryanboy has a new hairdo that makes him look exactly like a soccer mom going back to school for a master's degree in project management. The models are all wearing colored jeans and black tops, circa Flashdance. You know all about how the judging goes this year, with the scores and the social media. Leila is up first for critique, and is forced to tell the judges that she got a six on her challenge. It didn't feel like a six to her, but was a six nonetheless. Tyra says, "I heard it was kind of emotional for you," like being on the horse led Leila to discover her endometriosis or that she has been in foster care all along or something. Leila does admit that the horse spooked her, but she persevered and now has only the mildest of inner thigh bruises to commemorate her experience. In other news, I have to say that Leila is looking prettier than ever at this panel. Sometimes she looks so haggard and her hair is so bad, but this week everything is working.

Leila's photo gets mixed reviews. Kelly thinks that it's a little "sexy, haughty girl," and a little, "ba-bammy" for the target demographic. It might be appropriate for Calvin Klein, but is a little too sexy for this particular brand. Rob, however, disagrees and thinks that it fits the brand perfectly -- it's not too sexy, and not too over-posed. He adds that it's the first time he's seen her look at the camera with a lot of confidence. Kelly and Rob bicker about whether the picture is too sexy. He thinks that it will appeal to teens, like it's supposed to, but Kelly points out that no mother in her right mind wants her fourteen year old to look like that. This is a debate between a mom and a guy who probably still leers at hot fourteen year olds, so take that into consideration. Kelly says that if her daughter looked like that at the dinner table (and if your kid is wearing a bikini at the dinner table, there's a problem anyway), she'd send her to an all-girls school in Idaho. Tyra agrees that the brand is for younger girls, but says that while Leila is looking sexy, she's not TOO sexy, and that makes her aspirational. It might not make moms comfortable, but brands do it all the time. You know, sex -- even just a little bit! -- sells, and all that. And a few fans on social media pegged Leila as a no-neck monster. Her scores are pretty good despite the complaints from Kelly. She gets a 9 from Rob, and 8s from Kelly and Tyra.

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