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Flaw Week!

The girls return. Tyra gives the spiel. I believe there was less pomp and circumstance when Harold Pinter recently received the Nobel Prize in Literature. Kyle gets her photo. Then Jayla. Nik. Lisa. Coryn looks seriously pissed about that one. Nicole is safe. Kim is safe. Coryn ism too. "What was that look?" asks Tyra, though I saw no discernible change in Coryn's face. "I'm happy, of course," she replies. It's down to Bre and Diane. Tyra says that the judges are worried Bre might not be tough enough for the industry. With Diane, they are worried that she is unable to be vivacious. Diane is going home. At the house, she says that it hurts to lose, but that she is learning how to move to "the next level." Goodbye, Diane.

Next week on ANTM: Iman is the guest star! That's going to be so awesome. Tyra will look positively Neanderthalic next to Iman. I'd say her crown qualifies as a sixhead. Otherwise, it looks like more fighting among the girls. I'm guessing some more Coryn/Lisa action is going to go down.

Well, Potes, here's hoping you had a splendid time in Ireland. Thank you for letting me guard your post. You'll be happy to know that Coryn's dingle is still a secret.

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