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Flaw Week!

Twiggy tells us what her flaws were at the beginning of her career: she was too skinny, too small, and her ears were too big. She kind of looks like what Baby Spice will look like in twenty-five years. She tells how she was discovered. It sounds like a super-famous hairdresser decided to style her. Then, she was photographed by a super-famous photographer and sent to work. She says her point is that you have to work with what you have got and "be true to yourself." Funny, what I took from that story was: if you have flaws, you had better be friends with the people who would be hiring you if you didn't have flaws. She's still sweet, though.

Bre has a question for Twiggy: how can Bre translate her runway confidence into her in-front-of-the-cameras persona? Twiggy asks her if she is comfortable in front of the camera. Bre's reply is that she wants to be a legend. Huh? That's not the answer to the question. Also, don't say stuff like that, you twit. Bre normally seems pretty fun and nice, but that is such a bizarre thing to say. Cut to an interview with Bre, in which she announces, "This is what I want to do. So, that at least by the time I'm twenty-five, I have a comfortable household name [sic]." Your name is already a household name. I love it with a cracker and a hearty Shiraz. Also, "comfortable" embarrasses me when you use it in that context. Twiggy tells Bre that she's making a mistake if she is just thinking about fame. She should be in the moment. That is generally pretty good advice, but why else would you model? It doesn't seem to be enriching in any way other than the superficial.

Next, Diane has a question. In condensed form, because her sentence-making is not so good, Diane is worried that she will look like a ho if she enhances her curves. I guess that's not so much a question as a concern. Twiggy tells her not to worry about looking like a porn actress, since the camera "sees deep into your soul." Diane drifts, apparently thinking, "Shit, the camera is going to see that time I slept with TeeTee's boyfriend." In an interview, Diane poses this dilemma: "It is one thing to see someone curvaceous and voluptuous like myself. It is another thing to put that to use." Winston Churchill couldn't have said it better himself.

Jay instructs that girls to give Twiggy a hand, and then introduces the owners of Smashbox, Dean and Davis Factor. Jay gives the girls a questionnaire on which each has to write what her negative is. As well, they have to write what the other girls' negatives are. Just to make sure no one pulls any punches -- not that they would -- Jay says that the questionnaires will be anonymous. In an interview, Kyle says she thinks Lisa will be the most critical, while Jayla thinks Coryn will be the most offended by the critiques. As they are filling out the questionnaires, Lisa says she's honest, and the other girls are all, "We know." Lisa is drunk right now.

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