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Death Becomes Her

Seven girls, six photos. What to do? The following girls are still in the running: Kahlen, Christina, Naima, Keenyah (who I can't believe gets a photo before Brittany), and Brittany. Will Michelle and Tatiana please step forward? Both girls are beautiful and take beautiful pictures, but they both lack when they have to represent themselves, be articulate, and demonstrate healthy self-esteem. The judges feel that one girl may have more potential -- and also has more teeth -- and it's Michelle. Tatiana gets total little-girl crying face, which makes me sad. Michelle tells Tyra that she'll work harder, and Tyra says, "Okay," which really means, "Okay, just make sure to cause some more drama, 'cause you the only crazy bitch left." Tatiana says that the competition meant a lot to her, and that she wishes she could have gone further. She says she knows that she takes gorgeous pictures, but that she can't handle herself well when she gets nervous. She's disappointed in herself, but still feels that she can be a model, and probably be more successful with the knowledge she's gleaned from Top Model. Good luck, Tatiana, and here's hoping you get a roof over your head one of these days.

Coming up: Michelle grows distant while Keenyah gets fat, and the girls pack their bags for an exotic location.

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