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Bali Chooses Two

Poor Nina then has to stand around awkwardly while we learn if it's Chris or Jeremy who will also be eliminated. The numbers on the screen flip around, and then we learn that it is in fact Jeremy who goes, with a high fan vote of 6.7, but low overall score of 27.7. Chris is a good bit ahead of him, with a fan vote of 5.5 and overall score of 28.5. Jeremy seems to take it all in relative stride, even though he was bested by a dude in white clam digger pants and suspenders. Tyra goes up to Nina and says she's confused. Nina is too! She apologizes, and says that the whole experience was a dream come true. Tyra tells her that it still is, even though technically we've crossed into nightmare territory. Tyra then hugs Jeremy, saying that he should look in the mirror and also study pictures of Rob to see how he might work his muscles. She adds that his face is too fabulous to just do fitness. Jeremy encourages his fans to take a chance. He did, and he got to go to Bali and be constantly put down by Jourdan. Living his best life! Nina tells us that she's wanted to be America's Next Top Model since she was eight, which makes me feel very, very old. She was convinced that she'd make it to the end, and thinks it's strange that that didn't happen. But Nina will keep going, and hopefully will stop by the pharmacy to get some Visine on her way.

Next week: Cory gives Chris shit about Nina, Jourdan has some sort of medical emergency and there is a photo shoot with bats!

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