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Bali Chooses Two

The contestants head to insanely gorgeous rice paddy fields for their photo shoot. Tyra is there, and tells them that they'll be wearing beautiful green clothes that compliment the Technicolor green environment. The clothes are from two Indonesian designers -- Oka Diputra and Rafi Ridwan. Rafi is a fashion prodigy who put out his first collection at nine years old. He's now eleven, and Tyra tells the models that he's also deaf. Marvin is touched by Rafi's story, and tells us he's not going to let Rafi down.

Tyra does makeup for the shoot, I think because they were trying to cut budget costs for this trip. She tells Marvin that he looks good and glowy, and he says, "Renee helped a lot last night." Renee smiles, but looks like she wants to die underneath. Cory tells Tyra that they've given Marvin and Renee the celebrity couple moniker of "Marnee," since they're so canoodle-y and attached at the hip. Renee says that the Marnee name drives her crazy, because she doesn't want anybody to know that she likes Marvin. Well, maybe don't snuggle him in bed every night in a house with five other people, then? A part of me thinks that Renee schemed this whole romance up just to keep herself on the show, which seems a more enjoyable strategy than being model enemy number one.

Marvin is first to shoot with photographer Jez Smith. Johnny tells him to embrace the environment, and Marvin holds a basket of some sort atop of his head and poses strong. Marvin is feeling good, and says that something about this shoot really clicked for him. Tyra does Renee's makeup and asks for some examples of how she's going to pose. She loves what Renee's doing, and reminds her to be regal and elegant. While Renee poses for the cameras, Chris tells us that he's over Marnee, and this is not America's Next Top Dater. God, he's so dumb. Johnny says that Renee sometimes struggles with standing out, and becomes this vanilla beauty pageant girl. And you know, I'm surprised we haven't heard more about her pageant history this season given Tyra's love on harping on beauty queens. Jez commends her for experimenting with body shapes, but says that the eyes have to be a part of the picture too. Renee stands there with dead eyes while he says this, which is not a good sign.

The models hang around backstage, and nobody wants to sit next to Chris. Marvin tells us that Chris isolates himself to get attention, which is not a particularly good way to go about surviving this competition. Tyra asks Cory to do some poses for her, and he tells us that he's going full-on fierce Cory for this one and not trying to be too masculine. Johnny says that Cory nailed the shoot within five seconds, and really shone. Jourdan then poses on set and falls into the rice paddy water, which is apparently full of cobra feces. Mmm… delicious. Jez says that Jourdan has long limbs and overall worked pretty well, but she's still inexperienced and some of her positions were too extreme. She needs to learn her angles.

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