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The Girl Who Gets Thrown In The Pool

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The Girl Wholahay

Renee interviews that she thinks any client is going to look at Jael and Natasha and wonder if they can handle a job, since they can't even handle being normal at a party. And I have to say...point for Renee. As Natasha and Jael are dripping wet, Benny Medina's lackey comes to tell them that they are requested. Nicely timed! Benny raises his eyebrows when he sees them. Jael interviews that she's not afraid of talking to successful people, because she will be sitting in their chairs one day. Well, everyone donates their office furniture to the local free clinic eventually. Benny chastises the girls for being wet when they know they're at a party to impress people, and says that you do not get up in 50 Cent's face, and you do not get yourself thrown in a pool. Hey, three points for Benny. Everyone else in the room agrees. Benny dismisses Natasha and Jael with a scowl.

Outside, 50 Cent is flirting with Jaslene. First there are kisses, then there are sighs. Don't say I didn't warn you, 50.

Jaslene goes in to see Benny Medina. I have to say, she looks really pretty. Benny thinks it's a good move for her to have kept her name.

Renee and her head scarf are next. She introduces herself, and Benny asks what her name is. She says, "Nayien," and he says that she's supposed to have a super-self name. She again says, "Nayien," which of course sounds a lot like "name," and leads Benny to think she's retarded. The whole thing is very "Who's on First." Or, should I say, very, "Wholahay's on First." Renee acknowledges that her name is bad. I have to say, she does look really gorgeous. I think she's probably the most legitimately attractive of all the girls, even if she has the personality of a mutant toadstool.

Back at the pool, Renee and Sarah meet Paris and Nicole. Paris is out of there faster than you can say "Time for a dose of Valtrex," but Nicole stays to chat. I don't care what anybody says -- I love Nicole Richie. She asks how they like modeling. Renee says that she loves modeling, and then out of nowhere volunteers that she doesn't like the girls. Nicole asks Renee to tell her who the bitch is. Renee points out Jael, who, to her detriment, is dancing like a fool on the other side of the pool. She really is special, that one.

Cut to the bathroom, where Jael and Natasha are talking up Paris as Nicole fixes her hair. Nicole tells Jael that one of the other girls told her that she hated Jael. Jael asks Nicole if she told her that because she loves Jael and thinks the mystery other girl is a real bleep/rhymes with "punt." Nicole says that she doesn't know her, and then adds that she has blonde hair. Everyone knows that it's Renee. See, this is why I love Nicole. She stirs up shit and then just gets the hell out of the way. Jael interviews that Renee may be a little jealous of her. And...yeah, I don't actually think that's it. Nice try, though.

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