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The Girl Wholahay

Back at home, Jael dramatically reads the Tyra Mail. "Finding your roommates to be two-faced? Well you're going to be four-faced. Love, Tyra." Ooh, I hope this means they're going to be those weird dolls with the rotating heads and multiple faces! That would be bad-ass. Jael interviews that she is, in fact, finding one of her roommates to be two-faced, and that she's not allowed to pull that.

The girls fix themselves a snackeroo in the kitchen, and Jael loudly says -- to someone else, though Renee is standing right there -- that Nicole Richie came up to her and said that another model said she hated Jael. Renee says that she did not say that. Jael ignores this and loudly notes that Nicole said that Jael was her favorite. Renee says that Nicole asked who the crazy one in the house is, and that she answered Jael. Um, no, Nicole asked who the bitch was. We saw it, fool. Jael says that Nicole said that Renee said she hated her. That sentence gave me such a flashback to sixth grade, I can't even tell you. Anyone up for a game of MASH? Renee tries to walk away, and Jael throws out, "So you can get out of my face, bitch." Oh, man. Renee says, "I'm not in your face, bitch," and Jael tells her not to be jealous. Again, I don't think that jealousy is the problem. Jael then busts out with "You're really beautiful, it's such a fucking waste of a brain." Oh, snap. This causes Whitney to jump up and down excitedly. She interviews that Jael always prevails in any situation, and that she can cuss you out up and down the street. It's true that Jael seems to have about 1/8 of ghetto in her, and is not afraid to use it. I'm afraid of her, I know that much.

As Jael eats, Renee walks back in the kitchen, and Jael yells at her to get the hell away from her. Renee says that she's not going to walk around on eggshells, and then tells Jael that she's not a mean person. Okay, given what we've seen so far, that's maybe not the argument that I would start out with. I mean, right? Start with the truth. Jael says that Renee has been disrespectful to every single girl in the house. Renee argues that people have been disrespectful to her, and Jael says, "With good reason," and adds that she understands and backs them all. Oh, snap AGAIN! I want Jael to participate in the Presidential debates, just to see what would happen. Jael versus Hillary is my dream scenario, man. It would be a deathmatch. Or, conversely, think of what a joy it would be to see Hillary Clinton in the Top Model house, smacking down Renee. Don't think she wouldn't do it. Renee asks if it's true that the rest of the girls don't like her, and there is stone-cold silence. Renee interviews, with a shrug of her shoulders, that she really doesn't care if the other girls don't like her and she's the outcast. Oh, lies. We've watched this show for eight seasons and your type is as transparent as Lindsay Lohan's underwear. Jael says that she puts others before herself, which is something Renee will never do. There is actually a finger in the face at this moment. Yes, you heard me right. A FINGER in the FACE! Jael interviews that she stood up for herself and the rest of the girls in the house, because they all really dislike Renee. Renee looks kind of troubled under her head scarf as we head to commercials.

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