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The Girl Who Gets Thrown In The Pool

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The Girl Wholahay

Natasha is next. Her first personality is sexy, and Jay tells her it looks like she was smelling dog poo. Nice. Her "surprise" shot, though, is brilliant. We don't see the other two personalities. ["'Surprise' is a personality? Someone could have explained this one to the non-English speaker, maybe." -- Wing Chun]

Whitney is up next, and says that there's extra pressure on her because Jay gave her such harsh criticism at the last shoot. Her personalities are seductress (really...!), thinker, peaceful, and comedian. Jay says that the first one looks like bad catalogue, and that Whitney has to be careful about using her arms and hands around her face in such a tight shot, because that has the effect of making a person of any size look round.

Meanwhile, Jael and Renee have been bitching about each other to the hair and makeup people. Jael says that the others know that she will protect them from the evil ducks of the universe. And I mean, I like Jael, but you have to admit that she's kind of off.

Speaking of which, Jael is next, and has fashioned herself a rattail of hair. Jay tells her that she's very special. Her personalities are sexy beast, anarchist, dominator, and revolutionary peacemaker. On this last one, Jael says that she is a martyr of the universe, and that Jay may capture it. He gives an "Oh, Lord" that verbalizes the collective unconscious of the viewing audience. Jay says that he hated Jael's overly dragged-out makeup, but that her performance was genius and reminiscent of Grace Jones.

Sarah is next, and talks about her problems being pose-y. She does "innocent," and Jay tells her that, surprise, she's too pose-y. Next is angry, then "regret." ["Not 'regretful'? I hate this challenge!" -- Wing Chun] She faces the same problems. Jay says that week after week he pushes Sarah beyond her comfort zone to try to make her poses look more genuine. She knows she sucked, and Jael comforts her, eventually telling her that someone always does worse than they do. Well, we'll see.

Next up is Brittany and her terrible weave. Her personalities are innocent, spacey, goofy, and devilish. Jay says that today they found her weak spot. She started off strong in the competition, but maybe was a little cocky. Some of her shots fell completely flat.

Renee is next, and says as a precursor to her shoot that the girls should be careful about whom they make feel like an outcast, because they don't know whom they're messing with. I thought Renee didn't CARE about being an outcast? Instead of getting a $100,000 Cover Girl contract, if Renee wins, they should give her $100,000 worth of therapy. Renee's personalities are "dark side," sexual, "sorrow," and something else we don't see. And I mean, she looks great. She says that Jael was giving her the evil eye, so she was giving the evil eye right back. Jay says that Renee is a beautiful girl, but that she needs to take it to the next level.

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