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Meanwhile, out on the balcony, Eugena and Caridee are still talking about how much they hate Melrose. Caridee says that you should keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. She interviews that if Melrose becomes America's Next Top Model, she's going to puke all over. Hopefully all over Melrose, who is dancing obnoxiously.

And speaking of dancing, the girls go to a lovely location, where it's time for a dance-off! Yeah! There will be a photographer shooting the girls as they dance with their partners. They get outfitted in some serious flamenco costumes, which involve some seriously puffy sleeves. Melrose complains that her dress is huge, and wonders how the judges will see her footwork. Oh, shut up. The girls parade out to a plaza of some sort, where Nacho and his assistant tell the girls that they look very pretty. The Spanish, they know how to lie.

Caridee and Jose are first. The whole thing is a riot. Caridee looks crazy. Nacho says that she shows much attraction to her partner. There's a surprise.

Then there's Eugena and Oscar. Eugena looks really good. She says her strategy is to follow her partner, because he knows what he's doing. Nacho says that Eugena is very elegant in her body.

Then there is Amanda and Grua. Poor Amanda. It's like if Virginia Woolf tried flamenco dancing. Nacho says that Amanda is working a little harder and also has a sweeter expression. He's so diplomatic!

Melrose interviews that everyone's looking better than they were the previous night, but that she thinks she's got the footwork down. And then it's time for Melrose and Angel. And something goes horribly wrong! Angel goes up with his arms sooner than Melrose expected. Oh, so it's his fault, is it? She says that she definitely messed up the first part of the dance. Honestly, it's not so bad, though, which is kind of a disappointment.

Nacho gives the girls their critiques. Amanda was better than she was yesterday. Nacho liked Caridee's partner work. Melrose had a good attitude and her face is fresh, but technically she made a few mistakes. Eugena was also fresh-faced and good. And she wins the challenge! Yeah! She gets to pick a friend to share in the prize, and selects Amanda. Despite having a sour face in the moment, Caridee interviews that she would have picked Amanda too, because Amanda hasn't won any sort of prize yet and deserves to feel special. In Eugena's loving arms. Do I detect a hint of jealousy? Naama says that they have three presents to look forward to when they get home. Eugena gets two and Amanda gets one. It's like Christmas! In Spain!

Melrose and Amanda sit by a fountain and talk. Melrose, committed as usual to all things dramatic, is still wearing her flamenco dress, even though Amanda is wearing jeans and a tank top. Melrose talks about how she messed up, and says that she doesn't like dancing to be so serious, and that she doesn't like this at all. You can tell that we're on the edges of a meltdown. Amanda says that she pulled her ankle but kept going. Melrose doesn't care, because it's all about her. Amanda interviews that Melrose dealt with not winning the flamenco challenge much as she deals with everything: she freaked out. And was an annoying whinger, I might add. Melrose says that she is normally pretty hard on herself, but that in this case she deserved it. Then, all of a sudden, she's crying. She says that you have to be perfect to win these things, and that it's frustrating. No, you don't have to be perfect, you just have to suck less than the other losers. Melrose has won enough challenges to know that. Eugena spots Melrose crying and quite correctly calls her a sore loser. Melrose tearfully interviews that she's not mad at Eugena or any of the other girls. She's mad at herself. I'd be all for that if she actually started punching herself in the face instead of just being annoying. She weeps and blubbers and says that dancing is her soul and her passion and she hates that they're critiqued on it. Yeah, Melrose is a regular Martha Graham. I can see why she's so upset.

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