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Water, Water Everywhere

Eugena and Melrose head out to the pool first, and Tyra tells them that the secret to floating is having an arched back. I'm sure Tyra's enormous Joe E. Tatas help her as well. The girls get into the pool and note that the water is cold. Tyra says that models shoot Sports Illustrated while lying in the snow. She then adds, "I didn't do it, but the other models did." She sucks, man. ["And, okay, Tyra pointed out that models shoot bathing suits in the winter and parkas in the summer -- fair enough -- but you know they take the models to the Caribbean to shoot them. And furthermore, they're not shooting this in the winter. Everyone outside the pool is in shorts. They obviously threw a bunch of ice in the pool before the girls showed up." -- Wing Chun] Eugena interviews that the pool is freezing, like ice water. Jay notes with a laugh that Eugena's jaw is chattering. Photographer David Ruiz confers with Tyra about some poses for the girls. And then it's time to go. Eugena is not so much of a floater. She's also chattering like mad. Jay, relegated to the role of doing nothing (which...well, that is pretty much his normal role), says, "You know, it's interesting...don't these two girls hate each other?" Hmm, someone's been watching the footage.

Some tension-filled music plays as Tyra tries to direct the girls. David says that Melrose was great, and worked in the water with a special, soft face. And really, Melrose can float. Eugena, on the other hand, hopes that she didn't look like a dead fish in the cold water. Unfortunately, she did. Jay calls today a typical Eugena shoot -- flat, boring, and looking like she's drowning in the water. Relax, Eugena fans, this is just to throw us off the track. Eugena interviews that she was sinking and chattering and just couldn't control herself. Melrose says that she was freezing and shivering but trying not to complain about it: "We're competing here." Eugena and Melrose lie on the ground in the sun and try to warm up, and warn Amanda about what's coming. Amanda says that she knows it's going to be hard, because she's a baby about cold water. Eugena says that she never wants to do that ever again.

Then, it's time for Caridee and Amanda. Caridee reiterates that the water was unbelievably cold, but that she had to do what she had to do. Tyra notes that both Caridee and Amanda are good floaters. She tries to direct Amanda on her stiff arms. As Amanda consults with Tyra, Caridee is mad chattering. Caridee interviews that, in terms of experience, Amanda is the weakest out of all of the remaining girls, and is still young and naïve. It's not about trying anymore; you simply have to have it, she says. Amanda loses her contact lens for a minute and has to take a break. Caridee goes to the edge of the pool and is wrapped up in a towel, looking ill. The photographer tells her that if she's feeling something strange, she has to say it. She blinks kind of catatonically. That's probably not a good sign. Tyra yells at Caridee that she's from Fargo: "Come on." She says that this is real modeling. That's why models so often look blue in photos. Caridee tells us that there's a point where her body takes over, and that she feels like her skin is pins and needles. But when the camera got on her, she tried to take those shivers away and not let it show in her face. Caridee then says that she has to take a minute. She is shaking like Janet Reno. It's not pretty. The EMTs come over and wrap Caridee up in towels. Jay tells us that, as a model, you need to tell people when you've reached your limit. ["Sometimes! Other times, you have to suck it up or they kick your ass out." -- Wing Chun] Jay says that Caridee wasn't just cold and chattering -- she had actually reached a moment of hypothermia. Well, Jesus. Caridee asks Jay how the pictures looked, and if she's doing okay again. Tyra tells her that she needs to listen to her body and tell them what's going on.

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