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Water, Water Everywhere

Melrose interviews that Caridee was freezing cold like the rest of them, but that Caridee's dramatic to the point where she needs attention right now. Oooh, bitchy. Back on the set, Tyra suggests that Amanda do some singles, and Amanda is game. Jay explains that there were fifty frames left in the shoot, so Amanda did them alone. They can digitally composite Amanda's best shot with one of Caridee's from earlier. Caridee says that she's always nervous about Panel, but Tyra told her not to go back in the water, and that she hopes it doesn't come back to haunt her at judging. I think those of us who have watched this show can assure her that, in fact, it will. Commercials.

When we return, there is Tyra Mail. A bitch is going home. Amanda hopes it's not her, or anyone that she likes. In other words, she hopes it's Melrose. Meanwhile, Melrose is still droning on about the dance. Eugena and Caridee lie in bed and commiserate. Eugena explains to us what we just saw -- that Caridee couldn't finish the shoot. She also says that she heard that Amanda didn't do well, and was awkward as usual. Caridee says that her body just couldn't handle the cold water. She's worried. Amanda's worried, too, because, she just wasn't that great.

We are welcomed to Panel by a shot of Tyra in a bathtub. Nice. Live Tyra is made up like a kabuki actor. The hell? Methinks Jay Manuel is getting a little All About Eve these days. David Ruiz, the photographer of the pool shoot, is the guest judge.

Melrose and Eugena are first to be evaluated. Tyra tells the girls that, sometimes in modeling, you'll be asked to work with another model. To wit, we see footage of Tyra walking with Beverly Peele in a Michael Kors show in 1993. Tyra hasn't been on a real runway in a while, has she? She says that a lot of models will say that they don't do doubles, but that it's an important skill to learn nonetheless. The judges look at the girls' flamenco photos first. Melrose's photo is really good. Eugena's isn't that great. Miss J. asks the girls to do their flamenco dance for the panel. They do, kind of sheepishly, and then Nigel scolds them that they were dancing with each other, but that there are two photographers at the judging table, and that Melrose and Eugena didn't direct anything at them. Sometimes I just think that Caridee was right. Nigel tells them that it's all in the face.

Next we see the pool photo, which is actually pretty cool. They still could have heated the pool, though. Tyra says that it looks like it should be on the Sistine Chapel. Yeah, I'm sure the Pope would be down with that. Twiggy says that the girls look like mermaids. Nigel says that the art of the double is to share the frame, but also to shine in the frame. I wonder if he lies awake at night coming up with those bon mots. He says that what he loves about the picture is that they both command equal attention. Tyra says that Melrose had a lot of good frames. As usual. To my endless dismay. David says that Melrose was great from the beginning. Eugena, on the other hand, wasn't so great. She didn't connect or float all that well. Tyra tells Eugena to keep her face pretty, even if she's sinking. This is a life lesson that we all could learn. David says that Eugena is a little afraid of water.

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