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April. Who? Exactly. "The posey-wosey at the end of the runway really repulsed me," Janice snarks. Her photo works really well, but she's not showing her face at all, which Tyra thinks is a problem. See all lines from last week about how it’s going to help sell contact lenses.

Heather leads with her chin, and her picture is still too Catie 2.0 for her really to set herself apart.

Sara is such a throwback to the Pzaz-ish, Bedazzled '80s it's not even funny. Which is why it's awesome that she ended up in tacky white Steve Madden boots and tight-as-hell jeans that make you want to scream, "Ah, Antonovich!" It looks awesome.

Merecedes gets an "absolutely fabulous" for her walk, but her photo is really bad. She has a tiny, tiny head.

Jenascia is reminded that she's short. "Are you kidding me with that walk?" Janice asks. "If you think tall, you will be tall." She also picked the wrong photo.

Whoa, Xiomara. Whoa! "You walk like you on crack," J. offers. Nigel calls her "possessed." And the eyes really were bugging. There's simply no question about it. ["Quoth Glark: 'Who let Grace Jones in here?'" -- Wing Chun] But her photo shoot, in which my fear of her morphed into a certain kind of "nice shoes" freakitude, had to be good for something. And she is eleven feet tall. Which is a full nine feet taller than Jenascia. And a full ten feet and ten inches taller than the delightful sylph Lulu The Fashion Elf. Long may his lavish affairs fail to take up any significant screen time.

Catie's walk is nice, but her photo shoot, as Tyra helpfully points out, is mall trash.

The judges love Camille. "You're a showgirl," Tyra says. "I'm a drag queen in a woman's body, and I feel like you have a little drag queen, too." Her picture kicks ass, too. Bitch.

Wow. They love Yoanna's walk. Tyra gives it an "A+." As is Camille's reaction shot. Her photo is really weird, though. It looks like she could climb inside her own enormous shoe and bake chocolate cookies for the rest of the forest dwellers.

And that's all we get. In the judges' private talk, Janice loves Mercedes and is on the fence with Yoanna. They worry about Shandi, talk about Jenascia's shortness again, love Camille, wonder who the hell Heather is, and so on. Bethany is up for consideration, J. thinking yes, Janice thinking she needs to cut the hair and the pound count, and Tyra point-blanking, "I'm just not sure that fashion girl is inside of her." And...well, she's the executive producer.

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