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Ten headshots left, Tyra tells them, each one representing each of the women who will continue on the journey to being America's Next Top Model. Catie. Yoanna. Who could possible be next? Camille. Hee! April. Mercedes. Sara. Xiomara. Heather. This leaves Shandon't, Breastany, and Jenascia. Jenascia gets in under the wire (and barely even has to lean down!), so Shandi and Bethany are called forward. Reeeeeeally? This is a surprise. Even more of a surprise is when Tyra calls out the last name and Bethany gets the boot. She weeps in slo-mo and leaves without a goodbye, telling us in her final confessional that she has a lot more talent than a lot of the other girls here. And, luckily, millions of men will continue to enjoy her work, hidden behind brown paper wrappings and stuffed surreptitiously into suburban mailboxes, until she retires from the life at thirty, a certified billionaire, and decides instead to go into modeling.

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