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SeeYouTomorrow, on the other hand, relishes the opportunity to "transform." Into one of the girls with a chance of winning, perhaps? Sorry. That was unnecessarily direct. It's just that SeeYouTomorrow gets barely any screen time in this episode, so I had to jam in the USDA recommended daily allowance of snarking on her while I had the chance. If there was that little less-than-2% asterisk next to her name on the Nutrition Facts label, I'd be in big trouble. I'm just saying. Shandi tells us that she's forged quite a friendship with SeeYouTomorrow, adding that she's come up with a nickname for them: "The U.D." Meaning? "The underdogs." I'm sure they know "underdog" is one word and that just calling themselves "The U" would be very confusing, which is why they went for "U.D." I'm sure that's it. Either way, calling themselves underdogs is really quite self-explanatory, so I guess we won't need anyone to...oh. SeeYouTomorrow wants to tell us what it means anyway: "Shandi and I are hanging out on the cut, but when it comes to performing, we're gonna kick your behinds." Yeah. If you can find them. And I'm actually more confused after the explanation than I was before it. Shandi tries to win us back by reminding us that she worked in Missouri at a Walgreen's that was, like, franchised in a van down by the river or something equally mournful and human interest-y, and she walks her nubby legs across the room in an attempt to convince us that she's not one of the other contestants' little sisters. Or, brothers.

We're at The Waterfront Boxing Club at 44 New Street. You've gotta give this show credit with helping in the continuing effort to revitalize Lower Manhattan. These places are in Delaware! The girls enter a sparse-looking room containing a boxing ring as someone voices over, "We are finally hitting the gym," and April notes the location as "a place of physical worship." Pagans! Inside, they are greeted by one Martin Snow, a trainer (so, sort of a like a bishop of physical worship), who welcomes them, plugs the location (well done), asks them in a voice that sounds like he fell face-first out of the shooting script for Rocky IX: Balboa Vs. Self-Parody and landed face-first on his Brooklyn accent, "You ever hear of a hungry fighter?" Hmmm...let's see. Scanning through my idiom rolodex, I've got "fighting a losing battle" right next to "Paul, I think I told you, I'm a lover, not a fighter," but...ah! Here it is. Most of the girls still look perplexed, but they do understand the "hungry" part, to be sure, so that should keep them on enough common ground to continue.

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