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"Usually, ugly women put on a lot of makeup," CMV says, passing by the painted Yoanna. Where are they going with all this Yoanna stuff? It's thrilling. That's right. I called it "thrilling."

Walking, walking, walking. Bethany's dress is "two feet too long," according to her own guesstimate. CMV tells us that she pulls it off majestically. Will someone explain what went wrong, here? Meanwhile, Catie wows the crowd and gets top marks from CMV. Yoanna, he says, isn't having "fun on the runway," but thankfully stops short of suggesting that she turn the walking path into a "funway." Thank god for small edits. Moving on to Camille, he tells her that she was "milking" it at the end of the runway, and she answers back (!) by telling him that, at her last runway show, she was told she should take more time there. Blatant contradictions ought to help her case some. CMV also tells Camille to slow down, and she says that someone else told her to "walk fast." CMV opines in a confessional that Camille was "aggressive," and Yoanna deems the whole exchange "tacky." CMV then tells the girls that it "wasn't an easy decision" as to whom to invite to the party, except that it totally was. He chooses Catie, and then tells her to invite two friends. To the dismay of all and to the continuance of forward plot momentum, Catie chooses Mercedes and (Mercedes, get out of the way so we can up the dramatic ante of a real contestant named) Camille.

"She's sucking all of our energy out, so we can be weak and confused and not know what's going on," Yoanna screams in the van to her attending audience of Catie and, I don't know, some other people. Has Yoanna confused the words "Camille" and "tapeworm"? She's prescribing much more sinister motives here than the simple "I hate her and her bitchy, bitchy hate-liness." Catie, because she's eighteen and blonde, expresses total shock that people don't like her friend. And, to boot, she's suggestible enough to turn on Camille just by hearing someone say they don't like her! It's glee-inducing. Yoanna tells her not to let "Cruella DeVil" take advantage of Catie's kind gesture of inviting her to the party, and Catie says that if she could change her plus-two, she would. "She's pretty, but her attitude makes her ugly," Bethany observes of Camille, from the back. "Hideous!" Yoanna agrees, screaming like a Dean rally to indicate the level of hideousness she finds Camille to evince.

Three silver boxes wrapped in red bows appear on the kitchen table. Three black cocktail dresses emerge from said boxes and a note telling them to enjoy their CMV dresses this evening. Catie tries to remove the note from Camille's hands, but Camille won't let go. "So now, when Camille does little things, I'm more aware of it," Catie explains. She asks Mercedes if she can call to Camille's attention some of the very ambiguous things she's heard about Camille (that obviously have nothing to do with Catie, seeing as she didn't have a complaint about Camille's behavior without significant prodding), and Camille busts in and asks if they can have a "house meeting." House meeting! House meeting! Ruzzah ruzzah! Peas and carrots! House meeting! How spontaneous! Except for the confessionals that magically appear before it. "I have nothing to hide," Camille attests. The best thing is that it didn't need to make any sense.

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