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That right there appears to be some kind of a yellow ceramic hand. We're in the house meeting, Catie standing up and holding a yellow ceramic hand on her head and reminding the assemblage that they're not allowed to speak unless they're holding the hand. Yay! They love Lord of the Flies also, and probably even understand the correct pronunciation of "conch." If not of other English words too numerous to mention. But that's not important right now.

Catie (I guess she'd be Ralph) cedes the floor to Camille (we'll call her "Jack"), who, conch in hand, argues, "Whoever wants to start talking about Camille, go ahead." So Bethany (sing it with me if you know the cast list, America: Piggy) takes the stand and tells Camille, "It just seems like you have an excuse for everything. It seems like you can't take the blame for something." Camille jumps in, not holding the conch, until Yoanna experiences a small psychotic break and screams, "I'm not finished!" Camille wants to know where that anger comes from. Catie stands again and admits that she's worried Camille will try to co-opt her night with CMV, and she spends just a leeeetle of the good will that her freshly-scrubbed blonde looks inherently bestow on her when she says, "This sounds selfish, but, hello America. This is all about me." Deep in the mix, Camille asks what they think she's likely to do to Catie at the party, like "push her into some caviar." Brilliant. Brilliant! Jenascia finally ends up with the hand, which she uses to express her insecurity about being short. Not really. But, this: "I am surfing the crimson waves right now, and I just don't need that [expletive deleted, whereas "crimson waves" gets to stand proudly, for some reason] because I have my own problems, y'know?" ["A house full of women who are probably all on the rag together by now, and haven't eaten since the Clinton administration? Yikes." -- Wing Chun]

Delightful strings accompany the girls' primping for the paaaaah-ty. And Catie really does like fine, her CMV gown very lovely and her hair curled.

At the party, CMV gives the girls a nice introduction, and we see Camille taking advantage of the situation as expected, flitting from person to person. Catie gets to wear a pretty ring. Fun party.

And now, a visit from Tyra "She's Super, Thanks For Asking" Banks, who arrives at the house to have some one-on-one rap time with each of the girls. Shandi sticks to business: she's concerned about her walk. Tyra spins tales of her own formative days in the industry, reminding Shandi that she was "confident" but "looked like a damn fool" in her early goings. And now things have changed because she's...somewhat less confident, I guess? I'm kidding! I kid! Tyra knows. We talk. We're fine.

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