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Down At Snaggle Rock

Sara's crying photo looks like she's crazy, as opposed to crying and in misery. Demeester Seester notes that Sara was very insecure in her tiny doll box. Miss J. says that Sara could have put her arms up, which sort of counters the advice that Jay Manuel gave her. Nigel says that it seems like Sara isn't passionate about modeling. She says that that's absolutely untrue, and that as the competition goes on, she's getting more and more passionate about it and is discovering a different side of herself. Someone's been studying!

Finally, Nnenna. Nigel says that her chin is very large in her crying picture. Tyra says that, of all the pictures, this is the one she feels the most. Jade, take some lessons from Nnenna in how to manipulate Tyra through tears. Because that is how it's done. Nnenna's baby doll photo, however, is stinkaroo. Nnenna says that she's never owned a baby doll. Tyra says that she's seen one, though, so not actually having a doll isn't an excuse. Nigel notes that apparently Nnenna is on the phone with her boyfriend every night. He asks whether she's lost her focus in the competition, and Nnenna says that she hasn't let the issues with John distract her. Twiggy asks whether Nnenna wants to be America's Next Top Model more than she wants to be with her boyfriend, and Nnenna says, "Absolutely." Twiggy says that's what it might come to. For Nnenna's sake, I hope so.

Joanie was last week's Cover Girl of the Week, perhaps in anticipation of the snaggle removal. Hurrah!

The judges deliberate. Jade is fake, but she takes good photos, though her hardness isn't to Twiggy's taste. Tyra likes Furonda because she's progressing. Twiggy loves Brooke, and would like to keep her in because she has some magic. Tyra asks when the magic is going to happen. Twiggy can't bear to let Brooke go. Too bad, for Twiggy. Danielle has had great photos, but needs to listen and get her gap closed. Nnenna's black and white photo is beautiful, but her baby doll photo is sorely lacking. Sara seems more confident in person, and is very bright. However, Twiggy's not sure if she's a model. Joanie's photos are sensational. Miss J. and Tyra do a little ventriloquist bit. Try to keep yourself from being overly amused. I'll tell you, it's really hard.

Seven girls stand before Tyra. Those who are safe are: Joanie, Furonda, Nnenna, Sara, and Danielle (who reluctantly agrees to have her gap closed). Man. Will Jade and Brooke step forward? Tyra only has one photo in her hand, and will only call one name. You know why they're up there. Brooke kind of sucks as a model, and Jade is an ass. But it's age before beauty, as Brooke is sent home. Jade, Lord Tennyson, tries to convince Tyra that her earlier display of emotion was real, but Tyra says that people always confuse what she's giving as something else, and that she needs to get in touch with her emotions and hope that what she's feeling is what she's portraying. What? That makes no sense. Ironically, Brooke -- though she says it's sad to leave everyone and not to have realized her potential -- does not cry. She says that crying and being emotional won't change anything. With that, she fades from the group photo and we get one final lyrical verse from Jade Joyce:

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