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The girls head to Strausberg Advertising and Design, where they meet photographer Jeff Lorch. He says that they're standing in the building of one of the world's most influential ad agencies, and are going to have the opportunity to meet one of the industry's most sought-after creative directors. It then appears that he says that "de priest," who they are going to meet, has launched the career of many a top model. And, I guess when you think about it, a lot of models kind of look like prepubescent boys, so this makes sense, sort of. Jeff then says that he'll take their portfolios back to "de priest," and that the girls will go to a back room to meet with "de priest" one on one. And then de priest and de rabbi walk into a bar. Jeff says, we learn from the girls, that they are there for a potential commercial booking. Nnenna interviews that she's usually pretty comfortable and confident in an interview situation. She is first to meet de priest, who is, in fact, only a priest if priests are, in fact, crazy middle-aged lady bitches. And if that is true, then I guess they all report to Pope Janice Dickinson. Turns out, it's actually a woman named Deprise.

Deprise starts off by telling Nnenna that her stomach looks big in her photos and asking to see it. Nnenna, who does not have a big stomach, obliges, and says that she's not sure what's going on in her African picture to make her stomach look big. In a mean, matter-of-fact way, Deprise says that the flab is not just limited to the picture. She then tells Jeff that Nnenna looks like a transvestite. Deprise says this right in front of Nnenna, which is kind of awful and kind of awesome. Awfsome. Nnenna interviews that she thinks she's cute and doesn't look at all like a drag queen.

We take a small break from the action as Deprise introduces herself to the home audience. Turns out she is Deprise Brescia, actress and former model, and that she's only pretending to be a mean, nasty agency director. Get out! I never would have suspected that twist after it happened in every other season! She's going to give the girls some really harsh criticism about their looks to see how they react. This is a challenge to see how the girls handle the more brutal side of modeling. The girls of Seasons 1 through 4 had this same challenge every week when they went to Panel.

Furonda is next, wearing a wifebeater that reads "quitters never win." She could wear a wifebeater that reads, "fuglies never win," but in the case of this show, that wouldn't be true. Deprise tells Furonda that she looks anorexic.

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