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Deprise then disparagingly points out the gap in Danielle's two front teeth. Afterward, Danielle notes that she thinks Deprise was ragging on her. Deprise is actually not all that different than Tyra, we will soon come to learn.

Deprise points out to Sara that her bottom lip is a lot bigger than her top one. Deprise is really kind of spot-on with her criticism. Deprise notes that some of the girls got pretty shaken up. If this show is serious about seeing who can take harsh criticism, they might want to buy a webcam and sit these girls down in front of the forums for a few minutes.

Joanie learns that her ears are big.

Furonda's nose is difficult to photograph.

Joanie looks old in some of her shots. And, kind of, in life.

Deprise asks whether anyone's told Brooke that she photographs a little masculine, and adds that it's a bit disturbing. Brooke looks offended. Deprise asks her to smile. Brooke does, and then Deprise notes that smiling is not her strong point.

Deprise also asks Joanie why she's not smiling in any of her pictures, and says that it seems like Joanie's hiding something. Joanie voices over that people will often turn you down for modeling jobs if you don't have perfect teeth, and that's been true for her. She points out one of her best portfolio shots to date, and Deprise just says, "Yugh." She notes that Joanie was very affected by the criticism and had a hard time recovering.

Each girl has to take a smiling Polaroid "to keep on file." Deprise says that it's important to shake off the harsh criticism and do your job, and that the Polaroids will show whether the girls have been affected. Nnenna says that her smile in the Polaroid was fake, because there was nothing for her to be happy about. Brooke agrees that the situation was not pleasant.

The girls hang around and talk about the criticism they've just received. Nnenna says that she can't wait to see Jade. And, indeed, I figured that they only waited this long to show Jade because she was either really bad, or really good. Or that Jade actually killed Deprise, and the producers couldn't show any of it for liability reasons.

Jade goes in to meet Deprise. Danielle interviews that everybody was concerned about Jade and Deprise going head to head. Deprise tells Jade that she photographs really harsh. Jade calmly says, " look is very versatile." Deprise counters, "Like a dude." See, that was also awfsome. Deprise makes fun of Jade's nose, and Jade just says that her look is like "Pow." I really do kind of think that Jade just might not understand what Deprise is actually saying to her, because she always responds with something that doesn't address the criticism at all. But, then again, maybe not. Jade interviews that Deprise was pretty cutthroat, but that she's dealt with that kind of "cutthroatingness." What Jade is saying is that she's cut a bitch. And, yet again, that she has only a nebulous command of the English language. Deprise tells Jade that she has a high forehead, and Jade counters that her features are very pronounced. Deprise goes, "Ha ha. Yeah." Jeff interviews that Jade just owns who she is, and that if you can turn criticism of you into something positive, you can change the mind of the person who is talking to you, and make him or her think differently of you. Jade takes her Polaroid, and cleverly covers the hat line on her forehead with her hand. She looks good, I have to say.

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